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Otter Lake - Build a Playground

ACF14106 Otter Lake Recreation Association Otter Lake, J0X 2P0

Created September 30, 2012 by CRYSTAL DUBEAU


Otter Lake, J0X 2P0

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Please spread the word and help us complete our project!

We have been working to build a playground for so many years, this is the first year that we were able to add some structures to our park, we raised money for a swing set, teeter totters and a bounce toy, but our funds are very limited and we are still working hard to make it a place that the kids enjoy playing. 

We are a small community and would love to have our park compare to our neighboring towns, but some of our funds were forced into the structure and renovations of the ra building, putting a limit to what we could purchase... we still need park benches so parents and grandparents can watch the children play, we need trees, landscaping and picnic tables, we still need a slide, and our dream would be to add a water splash pad  Please help us revitalize the park, Our town has no youth center or arcade - the park is really the only public place that the kids can get together and be... kids. Children spend too much time indoors, watching tv or playing video games. We need to get them out, socializing and having fun! While many small fundraisers have been organised to raise money for this park, being such a small community with limited resources, we haven't been able to afford to meet the needs of the community and are working very hard to combine all our fundraising efforts to get something, anything in place for the children. We have our volunteers ready to help us create the park that our town deserves, we just don't heave the funding to make this a reality! Our park would be somewhere for the whole community to come together and enjoy, from young children playing together and making their first friends, to the grandparents watching over them and socializing, young couples taking pictures on their wedding day and teenagers, pre-teens and at-risk youth playing baseball or basketball and learning important social skills and interaction they will need to make them better people. Our community needs this park! 

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