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A Playground for All

ACF13874 Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School Courtice, Ontario

Created September 26, 2012 by Staff at McCam Insurance Brokers


Courtice, Ontario

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


A Playground for All Every child should be able to play! The Place: Built in 1992, Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School located in Courtice, Ontario is home to 350 students for the current school year as well sharing the property with the Kawartha Childcare with space for up to 85 children. The Problem: The current playground was built over 20 years ago, and is useable only by those students who do not have any physical disabilities as it provides no accessibility options. It also cannot pass the daycare’s safety standards therefore rendering it useless to those children. Due to the grading and terrain accessibility is difficult, if not impossible for students in a wheel chair. Our Inspiration: Meet Michael. He is new to the school and would love nothing more than to be able to play with his new friends on common ground. Michael is a very social child who loves to smile and laugh and the kids at his new school have welcomed him with open arms. There are many times that they have wanted to include him in their play on the structure, but sadly cannot. The current play structure is set on a high level of “pea gravel” where Michael’s wheelchair cannot access. Michael is not the first student in a wheel chair to attend Mother Teresa, and surely will not be the last But wait, there’s more: We have also found that other students are experiencing a similar situation. Those students suffering from Autism and other mental capacity inhabitants require a different type of play setting, with multi-sensory activities. As we learn more about sensory therapy, this playground can only be a benefit for those suffering from cognitive, visual, sensory, and auditory disabilities. Our Vision: Our new playground will provide: •Multi-sensory activities •An environment encouraging the able bodied children to include all of their peers, •Ramps and transfer stations •Sensory activities at all levels of the play structure. •New swings including one that will accommodate a child with physical disabilities •A covered playhouse that is multi sensory and covered to accommodate children who like to explore imaginary play. •A bench and table •Will meet or exceed safety requiements •Usable for ages 2 – 12 We have been working with a family owned and operated Canadian playground manufacturer to plan out an interactive play structure for all needs. They priced out our dream design and installation and generously donated the shipping cost towards this cause. The parents and students are overjoyed at the opportunity to come together and make this happen for our school and community! With the Aviva community fund, this dream playground will come true. Some funds have already been set aside by the school and school board, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to continue fundraising and promoting the Aviva Community Fund. With the initial investment from Aviva, there would be no recurring cost for the school, other than regular maintenance.. A new playground will provide an environment that encourages able bodied children to include all their peers, while getting active outdoors, thus making this “A Playground for All”. Help make our dream a reality- Vote today and keep coming back!