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ACF13499 Sam Lombardo Notre Dame de l'Ile Perrot

Created September 24, 2012 by Sam Lombardo


Notre Dame de l'Ile Perrot

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Fewer than 100


The mission is one of enabling. We provide IT services to noble causes, such as charities  and non-profit organizations for little or no cost. 

Non-Profit Organizations

The idea is simple. For most non-profit organizations, having a proper I.T. infrastructure or online presence can be a struggle. Hours of aggravation can be wasted on I.T. DIY projects that rarely seem to turn out as originally hoped. When volunteers can't deliver on time sensitive publishes or updates, organizations are forced to walk the line between seeming ungratefully pushy or being pushed over. All to save from breaking budget on what could otherwise be achieved professionally at a fraction of the time and stress. Many NPOs opt out of even trying and choose to remain virtually invisible instead. In the end, what suffers is the cause.

In these situations, NPOs need like-minded professionals to step up and do what they do best so that the organization can do what it does best!

Recent Lay-Off Victims due to Economic Hardship

These days, we have all been affected by today's economic state to some degree. What's worse, those who have lost their jobs due to said issues, can find it difficult to re-enter the workforce. For some, this provides the opportunity to finally get that business idea they've been dreaming of onto paper and off the ground!

New businesses encourage economic growth and provide new desperately needed jobs in Canada. As such, the government allows new entrepreneurs to take advantage of some really great programs including, but not limited to the extension of EI claims. Though this gives the entrepreneur some time to get things rolling, there are some hard hitting costs that must be addressed. One of these costs is setting the business up with the right IT infrastructure and web presence.

There is no question that it is essential for today's entrepreneur to be tech savvy.  We believe it is time we start pitching in to help each other out! It's been said, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." In reality, sometimes we just need a boat to fish in. We can make it easy to get a hold of that boat by providing our services on extremely flexible programs. It is also our hope to be able to team up with the government and come up with a program that will better allow us to help those in need.

We may not be able to change the world, but we can start by helping those who can!


With the Aviva Fund funding, AweSam.Net can become a reality! The amount granted will be used to sponsor Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) and start-up projects for a year while acquiring full NPO status and earning a larger supporter base. This way can continue running long past one year.

A typical web presence project will include a website, SEO, social media pairing (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, etc...), full content management system (site, calendar, member management, newsletter), and most importantly training. The idea is to give the organization not just the tools, but the skills to use them.

The costs involved include the time it will take to develop the tools, implement the solution, train the organization and finally secure sponsors for following years. On top of administrative fees (servers, licenses, etc...), the business will require a full time employee.