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Out door court

ACF13495 The Ark Dawson Creek BC

Created September 24, 2012 by Troy Erickson


Dawson Creek BC

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


My idea is aimed at impacting the community of Dawson Creek through providing a safe, positive, and fun location where people can come to exercise, hangout, improve personal skills and build confidence in themselves through sport..

I grew up in Dawson Creek, after a brief leave I have moved back to raise my kids and work as the director at The Ark Youth Centre. The job has shifted my perspective to how I can better improve this community and impact the lives of youth through sport. A significant thing missing from the community is courts, that can be used for basketball, ball hockey, games for groups and other things. There is not a public or private basketball court that is out doors except our existing court. A place that youth are attracted to because of the atmosphere it provides, the quality of the court and most importantly a place they can build confidence in them selves through improving skills in sport.

The Centre I run has been working in the community of over 20 years and is located on the edge of the town, beside a brand new residential community and in walking distance. What we have now is a run down court with broken basketball hoops, weathered and uneven playing surface, and no lights for evening playing.

The grant if we win would go entirely into improving the court, new playing surface, new hoops, new lights and equipment to use on the court. Our facility band organization focus has been geared at impacting youth positively through mentorship and sport. Our court is open to anyone to come and use freely at anytime. It is a monitored court and is a safe place for kids to come and just be kids. This is more then merely an idea but a real need for our community, our centre is supported by both the city, individuals, and businesses with in the community.

We are a non profit organization that operates strictly on  donations. A court would improve both our centre and the community as a whole. The power of sport is huge in both the lives of youth and the community, the impact we will be providing is a positive environment and alternative for youth of this community that the community as a whole will feel.