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Save Our Pool

ACF13441 Grenfell Regional Park Grenfell, Saskatchewan S0G 2B0

Created September 24, 2012 by Danean Karlunchuck


Grenfell, Saskatchewan S0G 2B0

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Hello Aviva & voters!  Yes we are back to try our luck again...we’ve been working hard over the past year and have managed to raise a lot of money...unfortunately we still don’t have enough.  With all the funds accounted for we have $224,000!  Pretty impressive for a small rural area!
Here’s our story:
Grenfell, Saskatchewan is a small community of 1,049 people, only 125 kilometres east of Regina.  For many years Grenfell and surrounding area residents have had the good fortune to use a spectacular outdoor swimming pool.  However, 35 years of harsh winters and extreme moisture in more recent years has left our beloved pool in desperate need of extensive repairs very soon.  The concrete in and around the pool has shifted and cracked causing the pool to show signs of caving in.  Though we spend many hours each spring trying to keep the pool in good condition our efforts have slowly been overpowered by mother nature and father time, it is now necessary to do major repairs.  These repairs have been estimated at $300,000, but could be as much as $400,000; and would include completely removing the pool walls and the surrounding concrete pool deck as well as all the underground plumbing.  Replacing the plumbing, decking and pool walls would follow, in addition to adding a pool liner to the entire structure.  In addition to these repairs, we would like to add a slide and water spray toy to the pool, some shaded areas for patrons and staff as well as expand the pool marginally to allow for a walk out/beach entrance.  The slide and spray toy would add an extra element for the swimmers’ enjoyment, especially the younger children.  The shaded areas would provide safe areas to rest and enjoy when the summer heat becomes extreme.  The walk out would provide shallow enough water for the smaller children to swim in and would also provide easier access for the elderly and disabled people that currently have difficulty entering the pool.  We will need an additional $115,000 for these upgrades. Grenfell, surrounding towns and neighbouring First Nation communities depend on the Grenfell pool; as it is the only one in a 50 kilometre radius.  The Grenfell pool employs people, who would obviously be without summer employment if the pool had to close.  The grounds are also home to our campgrounds and golf course; both would suffer if we didn’t have a pool.  The campers in turn are tourists who spend money at our businesses.  All these recreational things help Grenfell draw tourists and new residents.  This pool provides life saving swimming lessons to many children; as well as recreation and exercise to people of all ages.  The bottom line is...we need our pool; for Grenfell, for surrounding area farmers and communities, for everyone that enjoys the grounds all summer long.  Our long term goal is community sustainability and saving our pool will help us reach that goal.
The Grenfell Regional Park Authority (GRP) is a not-for-profit organization that manages the pool and its programs.  We simply cannot afford the necessary repairs, so the community of Grenfell began fundraising in August of 2011.  So many local and area individuals as well as businesses have donated funds to this worthy cause.  Many Grenfell and area organizations have donated money, and they are constantly holding fundraising events for our pool.
We have huge community support and our feeling is that “WE CAN DO THIS”...but a little help would be appreciated!  Thank you for your time and we hope that you will vote daily to help us SAVE OUR POOL and our community.