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Help Reach for The Skye Windsor Reach Out

ACF13432 Reach For The Skye Windsor Windsor, Ontario N8x 3T5

Created September 24, 2012 by Reach For The Skye Windsor


Windsor, Ontario N8x 3T5

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


What happens when high school ends, what do we do, where do we go for support these are questions asked by families

For the families we support their lives change when their family member finishes high school , there are a few options available for support.  Our program provides support even before they complete high school, we offer a place to go on P.A. days, March Break and Summer Break.

Reach for The Skye Windsor is a day program in Windsor, Ontario, which provides supports to developmentally/physically challenged youth and adults. We presently provide support for 30 families in our community on a daily basis. We would like to increase our ability to provide more support to more families in our community.

Here is our plan to increase the supported and number of supports we can provide.

We are moving in January 2013, to a large accessible building that will be able to accommodate more specialized areas, to assist with more individual needs and desires. Our program is unique, in the fact, that it is a social outlet that gives people we support an opportunity to take part in the planning of their social activities. We provide Lifeskills lessons in both a structured and casual manner. The individual’s likes, dislikes and skills are always taken into consideration.

To provide these needs and desires we will need to do the following to our new building. These are the areas classroom (group learning), television lounge, computer lab, quiet rooms with beds for those who require rest, music room, lending library for both supported persons and families and an area where speakers come to present new information to assist families for future planning and an accessible kitchen.
These areas would require the following to make the areas totally functional for all of the people we support.
The classroom would require storage cabinet, white magnetic board along with a chalkboard, the kitchen a lower countertop so as to allow people using wheelchairs access to work at a comfortable height. The kitchen we would like to purchase an all-refrigerator to store lunches in. Since we are involved in a food preparation program it would be advantageous to have an upright freezer so that it would be more accessible. We had donated a washer and dryer to help us teach laundry skills; we require a tabletop for folding and a cabinet for storage of laundry soap and to store laundry in.We would like to have a theater room the people support could chose to watch movies without being disturbed. We require 6 vinyl easy chairs for viewing and a 48 inch flat screen television and a DVD player. A games area would include, x-box 360 games, basketball and floor hockey. Important to us to develop and enhance the physical skills of the people we support when possible. We would like to purchase the nets.The computer room would require 2 computer desk and 7 vinyl computer chairs and a wireless modem to increase computer skills. We need to purchase 11 tables and 72 vinyl chairs so as to be able to have separate tables in program area and dinning area. This would allow for holding and hosting our own fundraisers and special event dinner. The staff room would require a microwave and a small refrigerator so that staff would have a space to prepare.The purchase of 40 lockers would give the people we support an area to keep their personal items safe. A regular size office desk for the main office we are presently using a student desk. The major renovation that we would need to do would be flooring through out most of the building. Tiling all the floors that are not presently tiled would make the building easier to clean and maintain. Presently the floors are carpeted which for wheelchairs and some of the people we support makes mobility hard.We would like to have a space for families to meet with professional who are involved in the lives of the people we support. We would like to plan for a garden in which those we support could go out of doors and plant a garden. This area would have raised gardening boxes to grow plants for use in our kitchen. We believe that with the leasing of this building that our program could reach out to more families who presently are looking for a program that provides the individual care and attention to their loved ones, we would be able to make it available for meetings for the community, open it to groups. We are seeking $150,000 for the leasing and renovations and furnishing a building at 2465 McDougall, Windsor, Ontario. If we win this money it would opportunities for more families to reach their dreams and goals by providing a place which respected the dignities that should be for all.