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TeamUP Science: Interdisciplinary Science Competition

ACF13395 TeamUP Science Edmonton, Alberta

Created September 24, 2012 by TeamUP Science


Edmonton, Alberta

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


TeamUP Science

TeamUP Science, an organization established in the summer of 2011 by two research students at the University of Alberta, aims to dynamically strengthen the education of under-represented (Inner City, Rural, Aboriginal) youth by drawing upon the expertise of post-secondary institutions and community initiatives. TeamUP Science strives to inspire youth in academic development, scientific imagination, and student leadership.

TeamUP Science serves to bridge the information gap by acting as a catalyst for community growth –inspiring youths to pursue the vast opportunities of post-secondary education and raising awareness of the untapped scholastic advantages readily available to them in their locations. TeamUP Science will actively maximize accessibility of scientific learning for youths and communities and inspire students to undertake continued education.

Our mission is to be a strong innovative society that is at the forefront of connecting scientific learning and innovative research for under-represented youth.

Our goals include:
1) Fostering a genuine scientific interest in youth by providing hands-on research
2) Educating youths in the latest advances in academia
3) Ensuring that under-represented youths are equally exposed to the numerous opportunities available to urban Alberta students
4) Networking among like-minded peers to foster positive working relationships with others to encourage teamwork
5) Cultivating academic skills youths require for success in competitive post-secondary institutions
6) Encouraging and developing student leadership, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills.

Interdisciplinary Science Competition

The Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC) initiative will provide under-represented (Inner City, Rural, and Aboriginal) students an opportunity to experience the university setting through a friendly science competition. The ISC is a collaborative effort with the University of Alberta, where professors and students from various departments come together to create a well-rounded depiction of laboratory research. Participants will witness the immense application of science and the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork that are often inconspicuous in high school learning. This exciting initiative brings cutting-edge science to the fingertips of youth and encourages collaborative learning and planning amongst students and mentors. The goal of this project is to inspire students in academic achievement, provide a positive learning environment, and expose students to the untapped scholastic advantages available within Alberta.

The ISC will be hosted in the undergraduate laboratories of the University of Alberta where students will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the intensity of undergraduate studies. Student will be challenged through a series of experiments to complete a well-rounded science project encompassing Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Students will receive feedback and mentorship throughout their experiments. Upon completion, judging of team projects will take place. The event will include a session where students will meet with renowned professors as well as student and community leaders to broaden their perspective of academia.

With the collaboration of leading research organizations, officials at the University of Alberta, and the community, we are working together to address the needs of under-represented Albertan students in order to prepare them with the knowledge-base necessary for a successful experience within a competitive post-secondary institution. Participating students will be learning and working together with the many exceptional researchers, and, community and industry leaders within the Edmonton Area. The ISC initiative is a project that will positively impact the students of the Edmonton and Greater Edmonton area by providing a unique perspective into the university experience and inspiring their journey in academic achievement.

As research students, we understand and value the power of mentorship, as our own mentors have guided and motivated us to explore our options and pursue intellectually stimulating careers. The development of TeamUP Science was inspired by our experiences and achievements in the research labs at the University of Alberta. We strongly believe that educating youth about the opportunities available to them will make a significant impact in their academic and professional aspirations.

Thank you for your support!