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Sackville's Inclusive Play Park

ACF13379 Salvatore Insurance Brokers Ltd. Sackville, Nova Scotia

Created September 24, 2012 by Salvatore Insurance Brokers Ltd.


Sackville, Nova Scotia

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


What a difference an Inclusive Play Park in Sackville will make.

Sackville and surrounding communities are working together to make this IDEA a reality.  The enthusiasm, participation and support to win this competition have been remarkable! So many residents and businesses have expressed their commitment to promote this idea and to VOTE.  Join the fun and let’s win this competition!  Help turn an open field into a place for everyone in our community to enjoy!

We have the land and it is a PERFECT location for an Inclusive Play Park.  The Play Park will be constructed in the heart of our thriving community on a beautiful piece of land.  The land is located behind Acadia Hall in Sackville, next door to Sackville’s Community Library!   Amanda Jones posted this comment; “I love that this is beside the library, for those with transportation issues, you can make a day of it, check out the library and then visit the playground and beautiful gardens and outdoor space; I couldn't love this project more!”  Similarly, for those attending the many events happening at Acadia Hall, they can also enjoy the park. Our community will benefit in so many ways by having this centrally located Play Park. More safe and healthy play time for our younger population is needed.  So many more people will be able to enjoy it because it will be all inclusive, allowing kids and parents of all abilities to play and exercise together. 

What makes the play park inclusive? 
The play park will be wheel chair accessible - the only one in Sackville! There will be wheelchair ramps going into and around the play ground. There will be a soft bottom play area instead of pea gravel allowing for softer landings and ease of mobility. There will be large spacious walkways with curves (no corners!) and large wide tandem slides.  It will also have a sound and sensory area and play stations with accessible heights on the equipment. The play park would also be equipped with swings and accessible swings for ease of play among all. No one will feel excluded in this play park because it caters to all ages, sizes, and mobility! 

Patricia Chafe commented on our idea; "Remember - accessible playgrounds also mean that parents and grandparents with mobility challenges can then play with their children and grandchildren! We are challenged every time we come "home" to visit... my husband (in a wheelchair) has nowhere in Sackville where he can play with our daughter. This would be huge for parents like my husband... and their children."

Why Sackville's Inclusive Play Park? 
We are calling this project "Sackville's" because everyone in our community and surrounding areas will benefit and we likewise need everyone possible, from far and wide, and young and old, to make this idea come to life! It took just one person to bring the idea forward, but a whole community to make it happen! Together, we can all make a difference in our community with help from the Aviva Community Fund!

We are asking for $150,000 in funding from the Aviva Community Fund. The cost of the inclusive play park equipment is $150,000. The play park supplier will direct our volunteers on how to build the inclusive play park.  We have committed support from businesses in the community who will donate their time and machinery to prepare the site if we are awarded the funds to purchase the equipment.  We also have the support of the Rotary Club of Sackville and Area and there are many more volunteers in the community who will help put the play park together.  All the ‘ground’ work has been done and we have the community support and resources to make our idea a reality. The budget is in place and the plan is to have the Inclusive Play Park constructed in the spring of 2013 – ready for use and play for summer and fall.  The need for funds to purchase the equipment is the only thing in our way to making our idea happen. 

And WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT WILL MAKE for many years to come! 

Please vote everyday to make this positive change in our community!!