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Moose Jaw Humane Society - cats need your help

ACF13351 Moose Jaw Humane Society Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Created September 24, 2012 by Jayna Gilchrist


Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Could you imagine living in a home where the doors are falling off? Where the walls could collect disease and make you sick and there’s nothing you could do about it? Where some holes are so big that your kids’ heads get stuck in them and they can’t get out? Where, when you need to feel safe from the outside world, you have no place to hide?   That’s how us cats at the Moose Jaw Humane Society are forced to live. The people who take care of us do their best to keep us safe, healthy and secure but these living conditions don’t make any of our lives easier.  

The Problem:   The current cages we live in are falling apart. It’s that simple. Hinges are coming off. The porous wood walls hang on to disease and these wonderful humans can only do so much to keep us from getting sick. They paint the walls to try to protect us but the constant cleaning and pressure washing quickly peels that all away. The shelves that we escaped to are rotting off, if they’re still there at all. Sometimes, just being our curious nature, we will eat or claw at holes around us which inevitably makes us sick or at least gives us splinters. Many of the holes in the mesh are too large and especially as kittens, our small heads like to peak out the mesh and once in a while our heads get caught. Imagine how distraught that makes everyone. Sadly, many of them are also too small for us to hide in. See as cats, we usually don’t take well to change. When we first come in, we’re shy and all the people make us nervous so we like to have hiding spots until we feel safe again. Unfortunately, many of these cages aren’t big enough for us to hide in. Once in a while we break free – not that hard, considering – but this doesn’t turn out well since we often wander into the dog area and all those barking dogs cause us unnecessary extra trauma. We’ve been through enough already.   So now that you know our sob story, want to hear the good news? There’s hope and it’ll be all because of you! Please vote for us so we can get new cages.   There are these wonderful aluminum cages out there that many rescue agencies have used and we want to follow their trend but the problem is they’re too expensive for what little money the wonderful people around us have managed to acquire.  

The Solution:   But here’s what we’ll get if you decide we’re worth it:

Large stainless steel cages – 30Hx36Wx28.5D @ $452.50 each   20 cages total price after taxes would be $9955              

They will be:
 - Longer lasting than the current wooden ones
-  Minimize the spread of disease
-  Ledges to help us feel more confident
-  Larger spaces so we have a place to hide when the world seems big and scary
-  No opportunity for holes which can make us sick
-  Strong latches and hinges so we don’t accidently wander in with those loud canines  

In 2011, a total of 668 cats came into the care of the Moose Jaw Humane Society. Of those 668, 46 were claimed, 515 were adopted and 50 were euthanized due to severe illness or trauma.    

Shelter Philosophy and How We Do Business
We are enthusiastic about pets! One of the most important messages we want to send is that no animal at the MJHS has a set length of time in which to be adopted; as long as the animal is happy and healthy in body and mind, and space permits, that dog or cat is welcome to stay at the shelter until they connect with their furever home. The MJHS strives to be a very low-kill shelter—dogs are rarely euthanized, and are only put down if they are deemed too aggressive to be adopted, or if they are so ill or injured that the shelter cannot afford to have them medically treated. A new cat placement program was started last year called “Barn Buddies” which enables the shelter to place cats who may be semi-feral or otherwise not best suited to a home environment, to be placed in farm situations. All farm applicants are screened to be sure the cats will be well fed, kept safe, and given medical attention if necessary. This program has enabled us to reduce the number of healthy cat euthanizations dramatically. As you can imagine, this has greatly impacted staff morale as well as improved our relationship with the public—our Humane Society is no longer seen as a “death row” institution. The staff is dedicated to being able to offer each animal a true second chance in a new home. In just three years, the MJHS has gone from being a place where up to 20 healthy, adoptable cats and dogs were euthanized each week to the safe refuge it has become today, where it is not unusual for a pet to stay for three months or more before finding their furever home. We also carefully screen each adoption applicant and offer a trial period with every adult animal, which has resulted in an increase in success rates, fewer returns, and most importantly, happier people and pets.