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Be a Hero Leadership & Mentor Program

ACF13280 Youth Unlimited Toronto 2-105 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B1C6

Created November 29, 2011 by Mark Smith


2-105 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B1C6

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


**There are Future Hero's all around us!** They just don't know it yet! Children and Youth of today have tremendous untapped potential to reach their goals, achieve their dreams, and make an impact in their community! How do we help Children grow up to be every-day Hero' s and live by the Golden Rule? By connecting them with adults who can teach and lead them. What is it that prompts us to keep learning a new skill, to make good decisions, and to not give up when the going gets tough? Many times it is knowing we have someone watching out for us, encouraging us, building us up, and helping us along the way! **Be A Hero Leadership & Mentor Program will do just that!** We would like to help the children and youth of today by providing them an opportunity to be a part of this program. It will run throughout the school year, and end off with a one week Adventure Camp experience for those children who have completed the program. To do that we would like to provide the funding for "Be a Hero " program to Toronto Youth Unlimited and other Youth Unlimited locations that reach out to today's youth in one or two major cities in each province. **What does the Be a Hero Leadership & Mentor Program involve?** Children and youth can be part of the program for 1+ year and earn a certificate and public recognition from the local Leaders and Schools at years end. It will include weekly group meetings (evening or after school) where the leader will teach them about setting goals, learning life skills, and provide accountability that will teach responsibility and how to "Be a Hero" at home, school, and with their friends. They will also have a monthly meeting with the child's mentor, and a monthly group Hero Adventure outing/workshops including: - rock climbing, hiking a local trail, visit to historical sites. - day at the local Fire Department, EMS, Police Department, local Soup Kitchens, and opportunity to meet local Sport Figures, Mayor and Municipal Leaders - both active and retired. - learn photography, art, and other skills Once they finish the Program, they will have built life long friendships with other youth and their Mentor. When completed they will qualify for a week at an Adevnture Camp ($650.00 cost to the program). **Why "Be a Hero Leadership & Mentor Program"?** This will give the children and youth a positive outlook on life that may be different than there own. They will learn how to Be a Hero in their everyday life. They will learn to push themselves to higher heights . This will teach the youth kids to set and achive goals for themselves in the area of the Arts, Education, Sports, Personal Goals, and Humanitarian Work. This is designed for youth aged 10-16 both boys and girls. We woudl liike to set up a command centre at the YU Head office and provide the funding for 1 staff person and 80-100 youth at camp. This can be duplicated in each province. We also have local businesses who woudl ike to be part of this. We look forward to you providing the funding for a pilot project in Toronto that will grow to the other major cities in Canada. **Together we can help each of our youth find the "Hero" in themselves.** For more information on how to work with youth