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Little NHL Sudbury,Ontario March 2012

ACF12829 Kashechewan Hockey League/Teams Kashechewan,Ontario

Created November  1, 2011 by Jennifer KooseesWynne



Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


Every year in March we try to take our youth hockey teams to Sudbury,Ontario Little NHL Hockey Tournaments, only two teams went last year becuase there wasn't enough money for other teams,that was a midget team and Girls Team that went, we have Tykes, Novice, Atoms, Peewee's, Bantams teams and these teams were ubable to attend. We are located in James Bay,Canada a remote reserve called Kashechewan First Nation. Kashechewan is Hockey Town. This coming year we are trying to find ways to take our youth/kids to attend this big tournament in Sudbury,Ontario March 2012. Which will enable them to show their skills, hard work, abitlity to show their talents, also the team work they put together and alot of effort they use to win championships. we need alot of support in Financial to charter buses, hotel rooms for teams, coaches,chaperone's, Train, Taxi's, Meals and entry fees to enter in the championship etc. we attend costal tournaments and to Timmins for Tournament, it's this one tournament we are unable to attend cause of the Financial Cost. I am doing this beacuse I see the youth/children sad when they cant attend to LIttle NHL in Sudbury due to lack of fiancial support. They wished most of the time attending this tournament, I am doing this so Hockey Teams from Kashechewan can attend this big tournament this year so they can experience this final tournament of the Year before hockey season ends. Plese support us to make our youth dreams come true to make their dreams a reality. we want to give them hope that anything is possible when your put your mind to it, even from one community member who is willng to go an extra mile by all means to find funds or financial support so they can attend Little NHL. Our Youth have lots of hockey talents, they even go extra mile to be successful by having practises all most everyday in winter time. There are lots of Parents who support thier Youth in Hockey and it would mean so much for us Parents if you support us by voting for this Idea I am putting in for our Youth. Thank you.