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Kidzpirit™ - Student leaders mentor Student learners

ACF12814 KIN Pickering, Ontario

Created October 31, 2011 by Michelle Leong Francis, Founder & Big Kid


Pickering, Ontario

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


**About ME** My name is Michelle Leong Francis. I have seen many successes over the years and alongside regrets, which together have led me to this moment. Recently, becoming physically limited made me realize how much we take for granted and the awesome power of the human mind, body and Zpirit! We are mentors, motivators, entrepreneurs, professors, advocates and greatest of all … parents with the responsibility to make a difference. **My Cause** In memory of my late nephew - Leon A young man who had to shout to have his silence heard. **The Background** Kidzpirit™ Network - The right programming, delivered through the right vehicle, at the right time. Our focus is to deliver learning opportunities that build self awareness and support youth to experience first experience employment and eliminate the ‘no experience, no chance’ barriers. Our goal is to educate our youth, parents and school councils to collaboratively build a Bigger, Better, Brighter, Future for Our Kidz! The world has changed and traditional parenting, education and school councils are fighting to keep up. Our kids require leadership and business programming aligned with what is needed to demonstrate their brilliance and acquire competencies to be financially independent. Keeping our future business professionals in their communities, off the streets and excited to be mentors in any community. Kidzpirit™ Network programming is designed to get the hidden gems and the shining stars prepared for the reality of their future, today! The rising numbers of stress related mental illness and lack of academic success not to mention fear of employment uncertainty is staggering and directly related to development of self awareness, practical tools for real life, inability to communicate effectively and lack of relevant mentorship in a changing world. **What We Do** Kidzpirit™ - Where Kidz Become ... Student Leaders mentor Student Learners Kidzpirit™changes lives. This is how Kidzpirit™ has secured advisory members, practitioners and board of directors to support its successful execution allowing youth the opportunity to become. We offer two programs within the Kidzpirit™Network: • Camp Programming [tween] • Academy Programming [teen] Kidzpirit™is available year round 24/7, because where, how or who you live with should never define ones limits to become remarkable. Kidzpirit programs cross economic, cultural and physical barriers. Affording kids the opportunity to be kids, creating memorable moments while experiencing the fruit of their labour through successful business startup or employment within the Kidzpirit™Network. Our Camps support tween business development, while the Academy focuses on teen leadership. We focus on the skills needed in new economies, critical to academic, business and life success. • Financial literacy • Relationship building • Entrepreneurship • Etiquette • Communication • Career experience Kidzpirit™ youth challenge themselves, build relationships, develop tools for life success and have loads of fun doing it! **Where** • We deliver programs onsite, online, in higher learning facilities and in key community access points. Our corporate office is in Durham Region the hub of current and past financial leaders. **Why** • The founder has expertise in youth based programming, college environments and as a mentor for newcomers nd insudtry professionals. The need for ‘educativity’ is here. Our world has changed and we are using old tools to attack new issues. **What** • We require funding for support staff training, monetized website & related technological design, marketing, laptops, software and renovate our head office. **Sustainability** • We are able to merge our desire to build supportive communities and provide first time employment to our youth. Through a detailed Sales & Marketing plan, community partnership and donor cultivation know how we will be able to continue and remain financially viable. **Collaboration** • We are excited to be able to talk about our media talent partners, business coaches and experienced community partners that are willing to lend their goodwill, stardom and expertise to support our endeavour and help us to become a household name. **Partners** • Our advisory team comes from parents within school boards, parent councils focused on equal access, immersion programs and mentors from the business sector. • Our board members have been recognized by trade magazine, broadcast media, education and associations. • Our partners are in the diversity space, non-government agencies and corporate Canada. Copyright 2004-2011 @ Kidzpirit™ Network. All rights Reserved | Kidzpirit™; a division of TTG Group of Companies Thank you for reading about our passion. See you at the finish line! Staytuned for upcoming interviews on Rogers - December 5, 2011 ME