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Canadian Investigative Series Project

ACF12737 Canadain Centre for Investigative Reporting Hamilton, Ontario

Created October 26, 2011 by Bilbo Poynter


Hamilton, Ontario

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Part I: Investigative Series Resources for investigative reporting in newsrooms is always the first to go. That's why we started the CCIR. With your help we will develop and produce CCIR driven feature-length projects of an investigative nature on issues important to Canadians, in print, for the web and/or in documentary film and radio. The CCIR anticipates developing multiple public interest stories or series of stories with these funds., The CCIR has a mandate to investigate overlooked stories, about First Nations communities, women and children and the justice system. The majority of the research, fact-finding and story development will take place over a six-month period, while the story dissemination and promotion will unfold over the following six months. Our findings will be promoted during this time through partnered story dissemination, media releases and public events. All stories developed as part of this project will be showcased on the CCIR website. CCIR developed projects adhere to professional journalism’s highest standards, are legally-vetted, and are often vetted twice before going public (once by the CCIR and again by media partners). Part II: Investigative Journalists of Tomorrow The CCIR will offer students of Canadian journalism programs that have an emphasis on investigative journalism as well as other student journalists (e.g. from student newspapers, radio stations) direct experience working on CCIR investigative projects. Our specific emphasis would be on skills-development for First Nations student journalists to gain exposure and experience working on major investigative series and multimedia reports. The students will be chosen in conjunction with partnering journalism schools and in some cases may result from reporting projects produced with the journalism programs themselves. Placements for students working on CCIR stories would take place over six months, or an equivalent semester, and in most cases the students would be absorbed into projects developed in Part I. Students would receive professional experience working with award-winning Canadian investigative journalists, and we would encourage journalism programs to host events featuring CCIR journalists.