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Women/kids in transition of Divorce /Stop workplace bullying

ACF12637 Orange Cross toronto, ontario

Created October 23, 2011 by Orange Cross


toronto, ontario

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


Orange Cross (♀)’s Mission Orange Cross (♀) is a registered charity that recognizes abuse can occur in a variety of spheres in ones life; abuse occurs in the home, in the workplace, and during the process of separation and divorce albeit largely unidentified. Our goals are dedicated to help women a) in transition of separation and divorce and b) help women against bullying and harassment in the workplace – Orange Cross Against Bullying (“OCAB”) Orange Cross (♀)’s Business Orange Cross (♀) ‘s major business is in the business of fundraising for Orange Cross (♀). This means raising community support including volunteer leadership, marketing and public relations, ambassadors, gifts in kinds, with the most important end result being the financial resources that can be granted to Orange Cross (♀) in order to help it deliver on its mission of supporting women in transition of separation and divorce and help women against bullying and harassment in the workplace. Orange Cross (♀) business also includes on-line sales and advertising. Orange Cross (♀)’s target audiences – individuals, corporations and foundations Orange Cross (♀)’s business of fundraising involves three key responsibilities: I) raising the funds II) Responsible stewardship of the funds (investments) III) Responsible disbursement of the funds (i.e. ensuring the funds are spent the way the donor intended). Orange Cross (♀)’s Guiding Principles Our success is absolutely dependent on those principles that guide our daily conduct: a) Integrity – We speak up for what we believe in; we tell the truth; we do the right thing; we take responsibility for our actions b) Care – We understand that our ability to make a difference; we are driven by our passion to make a difference in Canada in which we live; we direct this passion toward solutions that achieve a win for Aviva community fund; our success depends on a through understanding of our supporters and donors; caring - means going that extra mile and giving - means more to us than taking. c) Respect – We will build a successful organization through individual excellence and personal accountability; we can’t achieve our mission by acting alone; we need great people who can work together; our success is your success. $150,000 Aviva Community fund will get the program off the ground and achieve services such as: counseling; activities; supplies; emotional support and awareness of bullying in the workplace True Story – “Dash” - “ I know that in Dash’s case, her husband wanted her to leave the house. He told her every day to leave. She had no money; She almost committed suicide because she was alone and ashamed, and at the same time she asked herself what she did wrong. She cried everyday and couldn’t take care of her children. The experience was overwhelming and she didn’t know where to go. She wanted to go away - away from everybody and away from home, but at the same time she didn’t want to carry everything alone. She couldn’t afford to live in a hotel and she didn’t want to burden her family (partly because she felt ashamed to ask). She asked herself why we don’t have a shelter (or a motel with discounted rate) where she could rest and feel safe and shameless, a place to go to and talk to someone in the same situation experiencing the same emotional trauma. Finally, Dash found the courage to tell us her story 15 years later." Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). Pierre Lebrun worked at OC Transpo, the public transit company in Ottawa. He stuttered badly. Cruel teasing and ridicule from his co-workers rained on him without let-up. Finally, in retaliation, he slapped one of his tormenters. He was forced to apologize—a further humiliation. Later, after he had been let go, Lebrun returned to his workplace, killing four employees and then himself. In workplaces across Canada and around the world, incidences of bullying, mobbing, and violence are on the increase. A survey conducted by the International Labour Organization showed that, along with France, Argentina, Romania, and England, Canada has one of the highest rates of assault and sexual harassment on the job. The Workers’ Health and Safety Centre of Ontario confirms that assessment. In 2002 in Ontario alone, lost-time claims for injuries from assaults and other violent acts increased ten to 15 percent over each of the previous six years. Management for decades have been accountable to no one and they've created a toxic work environment, high levels of employee stress and a culture of fear," Webster said Management thinks they're protecting the reputation of the company but in fact they're protecting the "one bad apple". The Employee wants to work in a workplace free of harassment. Resulting in a trapped feeling that they feel they can only escape by quitting their job. Bill-168 is a first step but more works needs to be done along with Orange Cross. Please visit Orange Cross's web site: