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Build our Intervention Facility

ACF12335 La Fondation Place Coco 263 Percival St West, Quebec H4X 1T8

Created October 13, 2011 by Sharon McCarry


263 Percival St West, Quebec H4X 1T8

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Fewer than 100


La Fondation Place Coco has been in operation since 2008 and was premised on the understanding that early intervention is critical to the outcomes of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our unique approach to providing an educational, emotional and socialization focused environment provides an ideal setting for our students to grow. Our belief that true and real peer modelling enhances our success, as our preschool has a blend of Neurotypical (NTs) and ASDs. We are a morning school and we offer individualized learning programs, along with 1:1 or small group early cognitive intervention programs. Our methodology is based on ABA, along with speech stimulation, gross motor and fine motor programs, and much more. To date, we have enjoyed positive success in integrating children into our regular program. More importantly, we graduate students prepared to enter the public educational system. Our preschool facility supports 30 children in the morning program and our pm 1:1 or small group sessions support 15, some from the am school and some children who are not yet ready to attend the am program. The staff is warm, delightful and all experienced in education and in working directly with ASDs for many years. We have a volunteer psychologist with 20 years experience with special needs children, a clinical manager with a Masters in education and 7 years experience in an ABA clinic in Ottawa. All the teaching staff have minimum of a BA in Psychology or education and the intervention technicians are all BAs, coupled with experience with working with ASDs in a variety of programs offered in different parts of the country. Their rich experiences provide a wonderful environment for not only the students to grow, but also for the staff to share with each other and to help prepare for future workers. For example, we are committed to higher learning and to providing support to teaching programs at Concordia University’s Recreational Therapy program, Education, Vanier College for Child Care Studies and TAV for their language technician diploma program. We believe that being an active participant in training helps to round out students who will eventually work within the special needs community. Our unique facility needs to expand to help more children. Our mission is to have peers learn from each other and for everyone to excell. We have had great success and we love to support our families, but we need to grow. It is time for us to start a capital campaign to purchase,renovate and extend our facility. We operate mainly on parent tuition fees, fundraising efforts, and private funding from donors. The government has never responded to our requests for support. This year, a program that has become an integral part of our framework will no longer be supported by Health Canada and we are hoping that the Aviva Fund will help us to help others. Help Us Buy our facility, renovate and expand to help more people!!