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Dreaming of a Better Quality of Life

ACF12329 Elane Williams Union, ON

Created October 13, 2011 by Elane Williams


Union, ON

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Fewer than 100


*In 1994 I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis by 1999 I was using a scooter. Around 2005 I was put in a power wheelchair because I wasn't stable enough on a scooter. In 2007 I started spending weeks and then in 2008 it was months at time in Stratford General Hospital suffering with large ulcers on my feet, bottom and tail bone. I had several surgeries cutting bone that was being dissolved in areas. I was diagnosed with MRSA and C-def which at the time I didn't know they were closing hospitals to visitors because it was causing deaths around the country. Many my nurses and doctors expected me not to survive.I did but know I am totally dependent on my wheelchair I don't think the general public realizes the need for more accessible housing and that waiting lists for government housing and co-operative housing for the disabled. Finding family housing that's affordable is hard enough to begin with, being disabled and feeling responsible for your families quality of life is worse. That sometimes leaves people very depressed because of their living conditions. They often feel responsible for other family members feelings because they aren't able to participate fully in helping with their families daily lives. I have found a house on a large piece of property that is rent to own with another small house on the property that could be made into a house for somebody else with disabilities There are 4 bedrooms in the main house it is open concept kitchen with 3 appliances included and formal dining room, a large living room, a master bedroom for the disabled person and 2 bathrooms. There is also a full basement that could be renovated as another living space and attic that could be used for storage. The Owner has made the home energy efficient and is already partially renovated it with a ramp so it is accessible I will still need a contractor to see if they could renovate, small things and help with installing things like some lower counters, a roll in shower, lower door locks and light switches, widen some doorways and more open concept. The house in a village but close to a larger village with a grocery store, 2 beaches, entertainment and arenas and close enough to city that with transportation it would be accessible doctors and hospitals are half hour drive. Most of the money would go to the down payment for the house to lower our mortgage and we would be capable of paying our living expenses. Most people in powered wheelchairs eventually are separated from their families and put in long term care facilities where Community Care Access and the other agencies wanted to put me at 45 thank goodness my Doctor and my Cheshire Team Leader disagreed and said "NO" I still has a child at home who needed me and home support 4x a day. One of the most important reasons I'm asking for large financial support is there are people like me that want to live with our family in accessible homes and not be put in nursing homes.We would want stipulations put in the any sales agreement are meant for long tc a family that needs an house that is totally accessible. My hope is that as more landlords see the benefits of making their homes accessible and they will take the initiative to start converting their units in to more affordable housing for disabled families, disabled moms/dads with children and even singles with physical disabilities in wheelchairs.******