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Scouts Canada's National, No One Left Behind Program

ACF12156 Scouts Canada Across Canada (all Provinces and Territories)

Created October  7, 2011 by Natalie Benson


Across Canada (all Provinces and Territories)

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


In 2007, Scouts Canada announced the No One Left Behind Program in an effort to ensure that every child would have the opportunity to experience the new adventures and experiences of a local Scouts Canada program (through financial subsidization of our program fees). Through this endeavor, Scouts Canada has been able to provide thousands of youth the opportunity to participate fully regardless of financial situations (youth from single parent families, low income situations and hard-hit recession communities). The Aviva Community Fund would help Scouts Canada in providing confidential financial assistance to families to ensure experiences in Scouting are available to more Canadian youth. The No One Left Behind Program has expanded since its inception and now provides youth an opportunity at membership in our local programs, camping experiences and a feeling of belonging through the purchase of a uniform. In addition, this program also supports Scouts Canada’s newest program activity called SCOUTSabout which is a quality after school program that provides a structured program to youth from disadvantaged communities. The program is delivered by caring young adults (usually College and University age groups) who use our program resources to deliver games, activities, crafts, songs and fun to youth who would rarely have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities. Through the Aviva fund, we would be able to expand the after school programs into new neighbourhoods and offer this amazing opportunity to more youth. There are very few organizations that offer affordable, quality programming for children and families like Scouts Canada does. The No One Left Behind Program offers youth adventures through physically challenging activities, an opportunity for self-development and the creation of positive self-esteem. This program aids us in alleviating barriers to participation and offers a true opportunity for all children to belong. Here are some of the testimonials in support of this program: “Being from a small, non prosperous town where everyone knows everyone- word spreads quickly about Scouting and all the fun we have. Youth can be very vulnerable and sensitive to the words of others. When someone says that they have a lot of fun doing something like Scouting and that youth goes home to mom and/or dad who says ‘we can’t afford it’, it hurts. With an idea like No One Left Behind, that youth can join in the fun too and feel like a part of the community.” “I live and work in an area where many people have lost their jobs. Many of our youth in this area rely on this funding to help pay their registration costs, camp fees etc. Without this funding these youth would find it difficult to join our Scouting program and we are grateful for the help.” “The initiative of No One Left Behind will definitely help a lot of children join the thousands and thousands of other Scouting friends to share the fun, the learning, the outdoors and the camaraderie of other youth in this great Nation of ours!” “This is a great program. With three sons, money was tight and this support helped to keep my children involved. My oldest son just recently received his Chief Scout Award and his younger brothers are keen to complete the requirements as they continue in Scouting. My sons are all currently involved and have built many friendships and have remained active, respectful, helpful children. What a great way to improve the youth of this world!” “The youth who benefit from No One Left Behind are often the Scouts who receive the most from the program. Scouting has provided my children with a broad range of positive experiences (far beyond just camping). As a single parent, I would not be able to provide these experiences on my own and I am grateful to Scouts Canada and the wonderful volunteers who help to ensure that my children will grow up having an enriched Scouting experience”. Kids in Scouts have fun adventures discovering new things and experiences they wouldn’t have elsewhere. Along the way, kids develop into capable, confident and well rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world. Scouts is the start of something great!