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Community Radio Station LP-FM

ACF11915 Centre for Performing ARTS,."Montague Regional ARTS Centre" 239 Valleyfield Road, Montague

Created October  4, 2011 by Virginia Winter


239 Valleyfield Road, Montague

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


This project will focus on the creation of a community, listener sponsored radio station, on the fm band, which will focus on community issues, events, programming enlisting the participation of youth, teens, adults, and senior adults who will serve as stakeholders and mentors to youth. This project will serve as the foundation for the future continuation of a low powered fm radio station for eastern PEI based in the Montague greater area which will have diverse programming, news, community focus, radio theatre, and an ecclectic type of programming generated by the communities it serves. This pilot project will initiate the actuality of launching the lp-fm, and provide the necessary facility, equipment, tools, and initially underwriting the costs associated with implementation, and first year of operations. The radio station will be listener based, and sponsored, and be underwritten by the programming it serves. The programming will be diverse and ecclectic, and will strive to partner with other organizations, cultural activities, have an ethnic representation, be represented by both official languages, and have a heritage component.