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Animal Protection

ACF11838 Northern Lites Animal Shelter Box 2795, The Pas, Manitoba Canada

Created October  3, 2011 by Northern Lites Animal Shelter


Box 2795, The Pas, Manitoba Canada

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


The Pas and surrounding areas do not have an animal shelter at the present time. Previously there was one for many years, however, it had to close its doors because of lack of space and volunteers to maintain it physically and financially. The amount of animals that would go through their doors was incredible. There were far too many for their facility and finances to handle. So where are those animals now. Well those ones have been transferred to other facilities. The new ones are still being abandoned and are wondering the lanes looking for food and shelter. They are mating and new babies are being born and as well in need of our service. The animals that are hungry and weak enough to get caught by the dog catcher are fed for 72 hours and then because of the lack of space compared to the number of animals coming in, they are put down. Yes, all Dogs & Cats go to Heaven, but just a little too soon. A new group started up Northern Lites Animal Shelter in the hopes of building a large enough building to house the animals that come in need of our care and / or protection. They have been concentrating on strictly fundraising as in order to be successful we need to have a proper facility to care for the animals and have to have the funds in place to start up. If there is only a building and no funds, we will again find ourselves in the same predictament as the first Humane Society. With that being said we need all of the financial assistance possible to get things rolling. We also have to continue to maintain the group financially and will continue to fundraise as we are doing and applying for money / funds wherever we can. We have started up this group in order to build a shelter to protect the animals in our area. In order to build, or purchase we need funds. Fund raising will be an ongoing effort. At this time we do not have any partnering with the town or other areas. We are a small group at this time, but our goal is to bring in the surrounding communities for assistance. The Pas and area consists of the Town of The Pas, the Rural Municipality of Kelsey, Umpherville, OCN, Clearwater Lake, Wanless and Rocky Lake, Moose Lake, Cormorant and even as far as Easterville and Grand Rapids. The reason these areas are included in what will be our service area is because at times the animals wonder into the town because they are brought in or because they are hungry and may have been walking for days in search of food. Our hopes ate to build a shelter that will be able to house these animals until an adoption has been completed and or the owners are located. The only animals that will be put down are the ones that would not survive because of injuries or the ones that have become wild through no fault of their own. We hope to get enough votes to push us throught to each round in the Aviva Community Fund contest and we are hoping for an end result of winning in our category. We thank everyone for our support. Thank you, Debbie Howell, Chair NLAS