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Wellness Centre for Homeless Pets

ACF11775 The Animal Guardian Society Enfield, Ontario

Created October  3, 2011 by Louise


Enfield, Ontario

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


**The Problem:** For 25 years, The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) has been known to help the dogs that no one else will: the old, the sick and the misunderstood. On average, TAGS receives more than 300 requests per month from shelters that need our help and owners wanting to surrender their dogs. Because we lack the facilities to care for and house that many animals, the majority, although often highly adoptable, have to be turned away. This is a sampling of the heartbreaking requests we receive: "These are the young adult dogs that are currently in our Animal Shelter. They are scheduled to be PTS (put to sleep) on THURS, 9/29, and MUST have confirmed rescue by WED, 9/28. We have had NO offers on any of these beautiful animals." "I have a very sweet 8 year old JRT at the clinic that came in as a stray with her daughter. I have found a foster home for the daughter, but not for the 8 year old…. She is unspayed, she has a very sweet personality. She is missing a portion of her upper lip due to an old abscess that was not treated and her lip sloughed off." "This small regional shelter fills up quickly and they euthanize every week for space. 99% of these animals don't have a chance if not rescued! These animals really need our help. They are wonderful looking and very adoptable! Please contact one of the following if you can help any of these animals." The reality is our foster homes are full, and we are forced to turn these dogs away. Most heart-wrenching is knowing that we have the experience and the volunteers to save the lives of these wonderful, loving and highly adoptable animals; we just lack the facilities. **Our Solution:** The Animal Guardian Society proposes an Animal Wellness Centre. This facility will enable us to house and attend to neglected and abandoned animals. A large proportion of dogs are abandoned because of behavioural issues. A wellness centre would give us the space to expand the training services we offer to owners of dogs with behavioural issues, thereby providing a proactive solution to the homelessness of pets and helping keep the animals in their current homes, if the living situation is acceptable. Senior, injured and sick animals tend to take a back seat in adoption; the wellness centre will include a rehabilitation facility for these animals, offering services such as hydrotherapy, massage, acupressure, low laser therapy, underwater treadmill and wheelchair fittings. The wellness centre will provide space to conduct adoption interviews; room for dogs waiting for foster homes or permanent homes; a training centre to help volunteers, adopters and others in the community teach animals in their care to be good canine citizens; a grooming station to maintain the well-being of our animals—the possibilities are endless. Mostly, an Animal Wellness Centre will ensure the many animals we fight to save are given a chance at knowing what it’s like to be part of a loving family. **About Us:** The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) is a registered non-profit organization serving Durham Region. Over the past 25 years, TAGS has rescued, fostered and found permanent homes for thousands of animals. Without TAGS, most of these pets would have been euthanized. Some animals come to us from owners who can’t care for them or from pounds and animal shelters; others are brought in as strays; in some cases, pets have outlived their owners and found themselves homeless. Run exclusively by volunteers, TAGS has enriched the lives of countless people in the community by bringing happy and healthy pets into their homes. The TAGS adoption process ensures that families and pets are compatible with and suitable for one another, virtually guaranteeing that these wonderful animals find their “forever homes” and dramatically reducing the number of animals who are re-surrendered or abandoned. Each foster animal is thoroughly checked by a veterinarian, fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Additionally, dogs adopted through TAGS attend an eight-week training and obedience course with their new owner. The Animal Guardian Society is a well-known advocate for animal rights. Whether it be protecting at-risk animals or lobbying for an affordable spay/neuter clinic in Durham Region, The Animal Guardian Society actively works to enrich the lives of animals and those of people who love them. But more can be done. With an Animal Wellness Centre, TAGS can rescue more animals, save more lives and improve the well-being of previously neglected or abused animals.