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Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue Needs New Dog/ Cat Kennels

ACF11752 Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue 134 Taylor Avenue, Saint John, NB E2K 3E6

Created October  3, 2011 by Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue


134 Taylor Avenue, Saint John, NB E2K 3E6

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


**Help Make Shelter Life Better for the Animals!** **Who We Are** The SPCA Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization, which gives stray, abandoned or neglected animals a chance to be adopted into a loving home. We promote responsible pet ownership through humane education presentations in schools and organizations, as well as promote public awareness on the importance of spaying/neutering pets. Our goal is to provide the best of care for the orphaned animals in the City of Saint John and Rothesay area. **Where Help is Needed** The SPCAAR cares for over 3000-4000 animals per year in an outdated facility that is in dire need of help. New land has been purchased for our new shelter and we will start building shortly, but large projects like replacing old and unsafe dog and cat kennels is an expensive and difficult task to take on, without the proper funding. All of our focus for our day- to- day operations is on animal care, vet bills, staffing, heat/ lights, etc. so setting aside funding for kennels on a limited budget is very difficult. Our existing dog kennels are chipped, rusted and too small and they offer little or no comfort for our dogs. Some of the gates are broken after years and years of use, and some have to be secured with metal pins to keep the doors from popping open. The outdated materials used in the kennels makes it difficult for proper disinfecting which is a huge concern for our animals and our staff. The majority of our cats are housed in large dog crates since there are not enough proper cat kennels for them all. These dog crates were not intended for cats to be living in them, but with numbers rising in the shelter everyday, we need a safe and secure place for the cats to go. The cramped quarters makes for an increase in respiratory diseases, and adds to the stress that the animals are feeling. The animals have barely no room to move around making treatment and containment of common animal illnesses like feline upper respiratory infection nearly impossible to combat. We do the best we can with what we have but our animals deserve so much better. **Our Solution** The Aviva Community Fund would help the shelter complete a long required project of replacing the old and potentially unsafe dog and cat kennels. NEW kennels would provide the animals with a lower stress environment, improve cleanliness, reduce disease, make feedings easier and improve overall safety for the cats, dogs and staff members. **Community Impact** Having a shelter with new kennels will make a huge improvement for our animals, which will in turn, make the shelter a better community centre. There will be less stress and diseases on the animals which will in make it a healthier and happier place to visit. We will see an increased positive community involvement, by increasing our volunteer base with the positive changes for our animals.