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Community Care Cruiser

ACF11599 Choices for Youth 12-16 Carter’s Hill, st. john's nl

Created September 30, 2011 by Meg Nugent


12-16 Carter’s Hill, st. john's nl

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Choices for Youth has been helping at-risk youth aged 16-29 in the St. John’s metro area overcome significant obstacles for 20 years. Our non-profit programs include: temporary housing, affordable housing, a youth shelter, community outreach programs, personal counselling, peer mentoring, basic math and literacy education, health resources, and Train for Trades—which helps at-risk and homeless young people become highly employable through hands-on experience in the construction industry. Choices is now ready to expand its mission of empowering this vulnerable population by directly bringing its services to young people who need our help but are unable to reach us at our various locations. With that goal in mind, we plan to launch a Community Care Cruiser that will travel throughout the St. John’s metro area to deliver these essential services and programs to the young people we are dedicated to serve. The Community Care Cruiser will provide: • Key information and resources for youth facing unemployment, legal troubles, education barriers, and poverty. • Education and networking resources for young parents • Resources and next steps for youth living in abusive or unstable home environments • Counselling and support for youth facing drug abuse, sexual exploitation and homelessness • Non-perishable food, baby and child care supplies, hygiene products, clothing and other donated items • A connection point between youth in need and the network of community organizations related to Choices for Youth A team of two people—a driver/manager and a counsellor—will run the Community Care Cruiser as it travels from community to community. Basic literacy and math education, pre-natal and young parent education, employment training, and other programs or materials needed in the Community Care Cruiser already exist in our St. John’s offices. Only minor changes, if any, would be required to make these programs road worthy. The RV interior will be reimagined as an office space where visitors may sit down with our counsellor at a desk, or use a computer to access employment or health information. A section of the cruiser will be stocked with supplies for outreach services (the rear bunk/bedroom could be replaced with storage space) and a lounge area would let visitors relax during their time in the Cruiser. Thank you for considering our idea! Your vote will help us steer youth on the road to success!