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Spread the Love Organization

ACF11505 Spread the Love Toronto, Ontario

Created September 28, 2011 by The Spread the Love team


Toronto, Ontario

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Spread the Love is a grassroots movement that is looking to expand into an organization to help engage youth. The heart of our organization lies in the hands of all of the youth who struggle to live in times like today, where good role models are hard to come by. As youth who have experienced violent, drug-filled up bringings, we have seen, first-hand, the effects they can have on us. We feel that it is up to us to help other youth escape an, otherwise, inevitable future of violence, drugs, homelessness and depression. We also know that the youth are the future, and with our help, we know that we can make that future worth waiting for. We will be engaging youth through art, facilitation, counseling, and community to give them hope and a chance at a life free of violence, drugs and abuse. Too many of today's youth are thrown in the back seat, we, the Spread the Love team, are seeking to change that. Please help us grow into an organization that can make a huge difference in communities all over Canada. Every beautiful flower starts out as a seed, and that seed cannot flourish without your help. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE LOVE. We will use the funding to make ourselves a permanent, sustainable organization. To do this, we will need funding to help pay for us to go out to schools and start getting the youth engaged. Our first project is going to be a kick-off event in downtown Toronto featuring local talent, helping us spread the word about the issues and about how we hope to solve them. At this event we hope to inspire youth to start their own Spread The Love chapters in their schools and communities, and we hope that they will start spreading the love by helping those who need help. We will be implementing a program in schools to inspire youth and show them that there are available outlets for any passions they may have. We are dedicated to finding out how we can help each and every individual who needs help. Whether it be through arts, sports or even motivational speaking, we want to be able to teach them how to achieve their dreams and take themselves out of the circle of violence. Spread the Love has been expanding at an incredible rate, we have gained 600+ motivated volunteers in just one month. We have estimated to have upwards of 2000 participants at our first event. Having events like these will not only raise awareness, but it will help us become self-sustainable as an organization. We are plan to open our own clothing line. We want people to be able to spread the love not only by word of mouth, but by the clothes that they wear! This clothing line will also be part of our efforts to achieve sustainability! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us through our facebook page @! Or contact Shazard Ramjohn our founder at Please Visit our website to help support and spread the word, Thank you so much for your support and keep on SPREADING THE LOVE!!!