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ACF11433 FC Capital United Soccer Club 1559, Altavista drive ,Ottawa,ON ,K1G5T7

Created September 28, 2011 by Ana Maria Suarez


1559, Altavista drive ,Ottawa,ON ,K1G5T7

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


Our U13 Regional Boys’ Soccer Team from the Capital United Soccer Club has been invited to participate in the prestigious International Youth Soccer Tournament, “Mondial Pupilles de Plomelin.” It will feature 72 teams, coming from four continents in the May 2012 event near Nantes, **France. Prior to the tournament, we will take part in training sessions with our FC Nantes Atlantique counterparts at the FC NantesFootball Academy.** We look forward to this international occasion, honoured to represent our club and become **Canadian Sports Ambassadors to France and Canada**. We are eager to bring back our wisdom, experiences, and training strategies to share with our peers in the Ottawa Police Service’s Soccer Mentoring Program.** Presently, 16 players from our club and their families are actively raising money through a variety of means to fund this 10-day journey. However, such an undertaking necessitates a substantial level of support from personal and corporate sponsors. We are hoping, also, that the Aviva Community Fund can help offset the costs of transportation, uniforms, equipment, registration fees, and miscellaneous expenses. The **U13 Regional Boys’ Soccer Team from the FC Capital United Soccer Club requests the gracious sponsorship of the Aviva Community Fund in our volunteer and leadership-development endeavours.** Such an investment would allow our group to further our volunteer work **with the Ottawa Police Service’s Soccer Mentoring Program that targets at-risk children,** as well as those from minority and Aboriginal communities**. Ottawa has one of the most rapidly growing and most diverse Aboriginal communities in Canada. More Inuit people live in Ottawa than anywhere else outside the North.** We dream about becoming professional soccer players, and the chance to be in Europe representing Canada, playing against the pros in soccer, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It can contribute to changing lives and to opening our minds to many different cultures and lifestyles. **In turn, we would take our position as ambassadors seriously, imparting a sense of what Canada is like and acting as role models while overseas.** As young leaders, we are part of the future of Canada and of our community. **These kinds of experiences develop leadership skills that are invaluable, as well as cultural sensitivity.** Money from the Aviva **Community Fund would help us pursue our dream, sparking our passion for spreading our knowledge in the community . It will assist those who can’t afford something big like this to experience probably the most important event in their young lives.** This will help many of us continue our journey year-round in soccer, helping to ensure a better future for us, as community members. The Aviva Community Fund would be **creating a positive change in our community by supporting us, as young athletes. Canada is a multicultural country; soccer is about all the nations sharing their passion**. By supporting this idea, as judges, **you are recognizing the diversity of Canadians. By giving the team the opportunity to access elite and professional training, you will enhance our skills, maximize our talent, and continue to foster an environment of global acceptance and appreciation through multiculturalism and sport.** **Adults always teach us children to dream big and to believe in ourselves.** **This is an opportunity we can’t miss!