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Hannah's Passion

ACF11344 The Ladybug Foundation Inc. One Lombard, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Created September 27, 2011 by Hannah Taylor


One Lombard, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


“When I was 5 years old I saw someone searching through a garbage dumpster. It was really cold that day, because it was December and I live in Winnipeg. I was in the car with my mom when I saw him and I didn’t understand why he would want to do that. My mom said he didn’t want to but he had to do it. ‘Why’? I asked again and again. She told me that there are many people in Winnipeg and all over that don’t have enough money for food or don’t have a home and they are looking for something to eat. ‘Garbage? They need to eat garbage?’ It just didn’t seem fair and I worried a lot and for a long time. One night at bedtime I was asking my mom again where she thought that man was sleeping that night…and she said “you know Hannah maybe if you did something to help people who don’t have a home or food you might stop worrying so much.” So I did start doing something. My family and I began decorating baby food jars to look like ladybugs, because ladybugs are good luck. Then my dad and I distributed the jars to businesses in hopes that people would put their spare coins in those jars so we could give it to shelters and food banks who help people in need. When I turned 8 years old, we started The Ladybug Foundation Inc. Now, I’m 15 years old. I’ve learned a lot about the complexities of being hungry and homeless in Canada. There is so much more we need to do to help. Together we can continue to have a huge impact in our country. No one should have to live without food and shelter." The Ladybug Foundation is: A national charitable organization that raises awareness and elevates the voice and dignity of people who often are marginalized by society and circumstances. We are a 100% volunteer-run organizations that has provided funds to over 50 food banks, emergency shelters, missions, soup kitchens and youth shelters coast to coast. The Problem: We have experienced a marked increase in the request for support from organizations across the country. We do our best to advocate for the rights of people who are homeless or near homeless in the country but require assistance. Community Impact: The Ladybug Foundation through Hannah’s efforts has earned the reputation of being an organization that they can go to for not only funding, but also for support and be a voice.