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Grand Prize Winner

Second Chance Pet Network Build a Shelter Campaign

ACF11341 Second Chance Pet Network 26 King Street, Dryden, Ontario

Created September 27, 2011 by Ann Owens


26 King Street, Dryden, Ontario

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Who We Are Second Chance Pet Network is a pioneer in our approach to the issue of providing a safe haven for not only those animals that have been surrendered, abused and neglected, but for the ever growing population of feral cats. Established in February of 2009, by a volunteer Board of Directors, Second Chance Pet Network (“SCPN”) is headquartered in Dryden, Ontario, located on the Trans Canada Highway, 350km from each of Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. We are the only shelter that exists along that corridor and serve the communities of Savant Lake, Sioux Lookout, Eagle Lake First Nation, Ignace, Machin, Lac Seul First Nation, Wabigoon Lake First Nation, Kenora, Fort Frances and the Red Lake area. We also serve White Fish Bay, Pikangikum, Ear Falls and Pickle Lake. SCPN obtained Registered Charity status on September 29, 2009 . In that short space of time, our programs currently include: • Downtown shelter and adoption centre for abandoned and surrendered dogs, cats and small animals pending their adoption into loving, forever homes-our adoption numbers speak to our success • Feral Cat trap-neuter and release program currently for 7 Feral Cat Colonies • Partnering with the Dryden Food Bank, to provide pet food with the hope that those families in need will be able to keep their pets with the help of the Food Bank for Pets. This started in June of 2010 and to date, SCPN has donated a whopping 1,728 lbs of food to the Food Bank for Pets. Recycle/Fundraise: Donations of audio, computer, printers, ink cartridges, cell phones etc. accepted at Second Chance. Items are then picked up and recycled by Think Recycle and OES Recycling, who then forward a cheque back to SCPN. Both companies issue annual environmental reports. • “Think Recycle” program which in the 5 months from Apr-Aug 2011, SCPN has diverted 797.65 pounds of waste from the landfill site. Plus Think Recycle as part of their arrangement with SCPN is planting trees on our behalf, 25 have been planted to date. • For the OES-Ontario Electronic Stewardship program, in only one month (July 2011) a total of 15eq552 kg of electronic equipment has been kept out of the landfill site • A vast and very active volunteer network, which count 20-25 high school students, and 30-35 adults among their ranks. The cumulative total of volunteer hours on an annual basis totals 6,809!! If awarded this prize, SCPN will be able to finish the shelter and open the doors.We will no longer have to fundraise for the building.Although we won 100k from a previous contest it was not enough to complete our project. The need for this is URGENT-a for sale sign was put on the rented builing on Friday! The Plan: The Multi-Purpose Facility • Build a multi-purpose facility. Under it’s common roof will be: o A) a No-Kill Animal Shelter, from which animals will be adopted into forever homes o B) A boarding kennel, that will be designed to house up to 18 dogs. The intent is to establish a revenue stream to provide working capital for the shelter and the kennel and to be self-sufficient. o C) A residence for the caretaker of the shelter and the boarding kennel. The residence will be part of that caretaker’s remuneration, and they will receive a modest salary. Why We Qualify for the Aviva Community Fund? • We have marshaled community spirit for a worthy cause. • We make a difference in all of our communities. • We are the only animal shelter from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg. • We have created a ground swell of community activism. • We have been creative and aggressive in our fund raising efforts. • We are creating a facility that simply has no equal. • We are creative in our efforts to advertise. • We are all committed to this goal. • We don’t give up. •