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Become a Part of the Dream

ACF11337 Dreams In Motion 365 William St. S., Gananoque, ON

Created September 27, 2011 by Dreams In Motion


365 William St. S., Gananoque, ON

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


**DREAMS IN MOTION – BECOME A PART OF THE DREAM** In the center of town there is an old white church building that stands on the corner of the street. This building has a glow to it, and the glow comes from the creativity and enthusiasm that seeps through its walls. Its energy is overwhelming and contagious. From the exterior you would have no idea of the creative energy and spirit that is brewing within this space called DREAMS IN MOTION. It’s like entering a whole new world. A world where you will be accepted for who you are, what you can offer and the ideas you express. Dreams is a place where you will be nurtured and shown love and respect. A place where your self esteem will grow and your dreams will soar. A place filled with hope, inspiration, commitment and dedication. Dreams is a place where children, adults, neighbours, family and friends come together in artistic endeavours and common goals. EVERYONE is welcome and becomes a part of the Dreams family. It is the place to be. Dreams In Motion Performing and Fine Arts School is a grass roots organization built on a strong foundation that has been in existence since 2004 when Debbie Donaldson’s dream for an arts school in the town of Gananoque became a reality. Debbie had taught dance in town for 18 years when she felt based on demand that her Dream needed to grow. Partnering with Jennifer Butchart a former student of hers, the school began with 150 students ranging in age from 3-65. In 2006 it became apparent that the school needed to become a not for profit to continue serving the community and secure continued future success. In May of that year, Dreams in Motion was granted charitable status. Our goal is to keep the artistic programming and school open for many, many years to come. The connection you see between all the students no matter what the age is so special. Our older students and adults are great role models to the young ones just beginning their journey. Their smiles, hard work, connection, and laughter make it all worth while. They are truly an inspirational group. Dreams In Motion has greatly increased community spirit and involvement. Our list is an ongoing battle as we struggle to keep our facility running as best it can. We don’t often have extra money to do improvements with as we choose to keep tuition as low as possible and our programs accessible. Our students come first. With assistance from the Aviva fund, we would be able to do these much needed building improvements and have our students coming to a more suitable space. **HOW DREAMS COULD IMPROVE WITH FUNDING SUPPORT FROM AVIVA:** If we are chosen to receive this funding it will not only help Dreams, but improve the lives of our community members in how we are able to provide for them. Our building is in need of repairs and needs to be brought up to the Dreams standards that our staff and students exemplify. Our wish list would include: -New furnace and air conditioning….our system is many years old and failing. We would like to see heating/cooling costs reduced and become more Eco friendly. -Photocopier……what we have is very second hand and needs constant tlc and repair -New windows and doors….our building is old with church pane glass -Handicapped accessible upstairs bathroom -Insulation to walls and attic….not much if any at present -New gyproc and painting for some areas -Stage lighting console/led lighting -DMX controlled spotlight -Lights for stage with supports -CD player for studio A and B -Outside storage shed for props -New eaves trough on south side of building -Handrails for safety about the building -Bathroom fixtures and improvements -Front stage curtain -New chairs for our theatre -Mirrors for walls in studios A and B -Stage monitors -Sump pump -Soundproofing of downstairs music classrooms -Tech booth studio A -Screen doors -Increasing size of visual arts classroom -Office door plaques -Exterior wall mural -A sponsorship fund to help students out with tuition to attend our programs With Aviva’s assistance we could greatly improve Dreams In Motion as a building and reduce the financial concerns as we continue moving forward to serve our community. Our overall expenses could be reduced and with an improved facility we could increase revenue. We wish to provide artistic opportunities to our community for many years to come. The lives of children and adults of all ages in our community would be greatly affected in such a positive way. We wish to not only provide experiences and skills with many art disciplines but to reach our students as individuals giving them life skills they can carry outside of our building and for the rest of their lives. These experiences will influence them to make positive choices for future education, job and life success. DREAMS IN MOTION is a place where EVERYONE can fulfill their own dreams become a part of the Dream!