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Stop Bullying through Peace, Love & Hope Art Project

ACF11257 Peace, Love and Hope Montreal West, Quebec

Created September 27, 2011 by A. Loftus


Montreal West, Quebec

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Peace, Love & Hope art project promotes anti-bullying through art workshops, public presentations, personal story exchange, outreach and exhibitions. Children (ages 5-15 years old) are invited to participate in batik workshops, where they are taught the techniques and have the opportunity to create individual pieces on the theme of peace, love and hope. The pieces are then assembled into large-scale quilts or 3D shapes which will be exhibited at museums, cultural centres, schools and national and regional children’s festivals, raising awareness and visibility for the anti-bullying cause. Peace, Love & Hope invites parents, educators, community leaders and the general public to help our children to fulfill these objectives, so that we may live in a loving, peaceful society today and always. OBJECTIVES: Peace, Love & Hope invites children of all ethnic and socio-cultural backgrounds to participate in creative activities that foster dialogue and a deeper understanding of a complex societal problem. Through batik art workshops, talks and public exhibitions of the children’s collective artworks, Peace, Love & Hope strives to engage the participants to: - inspire hope and solidarity in other children, parents and communities around the world; - keep and spread peace at home, at school, and in their communities; - love one another, regardless of background; - participate actively in their communities through action, dialogue, and random acts of kindness. DELIVERABLE: - Exhibitions at schools, museums or cultural centres, minimum 10,000 attendees - 60 schools (public, private and alternative schools across Canada) enrolled in this project, about 50% completion - National press mentions (The Gazette, Museum and local journals) - Anti-bullying outreach program with other community organizations. COST: It is estimated at 60-75K to cover expenses for batik workshops (including the art material for the workshops for 60 schools), public presentations, outreach programs at schools & community centres and art exhibitions (the result from the workshops).