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ACF11018 Angie Schoen / Debbie Stanson Kitchener

Created September 26, 2011 by Angie Schoen / Debbie Stanson



Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


**"t o t a l l y Youth Centre"** **mind .... body.... spirit** We would like to use the Aviva Community Fund to establish '**t o t a l l y**' a Youth Centre focusing on **mind**, **body** and **spirit** in helping kids reach their potential through the **environment**, **athletics** and **theatre** The **mind** aspect of ' **t o t a l l y**' is the **environment** and features TurtleHaven ...a turtle rescue that works with the MNR providing medcial treatment and rehab to our injured native turtles. Workshops and educational programs to teach kids about our wildlife and how they can make a difference. The **body** aspect of **'t o t a l l y'**' is **athletics** with professional trainers on hand to help participants to learn to eat right and to encourage physical activity because they lack the motivation to exercise or they can’t seem to stick to an exercise program. Our trainers will teach them to learn safe and proper exercise techniques and tips on eating healthy, and a fitness plan for days away from the studio. The **spirit** aspect of **'t o t a l l y**' is **theatre** and to encourage kids to explore their imaginations and creativity to build character and confidence. Workshops are designed to provide wholesome theatre experiences, skill building, and content to help students develop their character as well as their talent. In our workshops, students will explore many elements of acting, including character development, movement, voice, audition and improvisational skills. These will be taught through direct instruction, acting games and exercises, as well as rehearsing for plays. With our experiences in working with Nature and the Environment, Athletics and Theatre ... our passions run deep.