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Be-You-tiful Girls Club - Love & Believe In Me Campaign

ACF11003 Be-You-tiful Girls Club hamilton, ontario

Created September 26, 2011 by Queen Cee


hamilton, ontario

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


WHAT WE STRIVE TO DO Be-You-tiful Girls Club is a self-esteem initiative that empowers girls and promotes multiculturalism through many different creative and artistic means. It is run by Queen Cee, a singer/songwriter/actress here in Hamilton, Ontario area and she is also the founder and director for the empowering women’s group "When Sistahs Get Together" which all started 3 years ago. We run ourselves as a unofficial not-for-profit and run our initiative out-of-pocket and with the help of community supporters, and are currently in the midst of applying for our charitable not-for-profit status which is very exciting for us. Our mission is to strive to shows girls from all backgrounds, ethnicities, social and economical status that it is great to celebrate their unique qualities, gifts, talents and voices. We let them to know that they have a mind, voice and a face like no other, and that it is beautiful, that is important and valued; but they must first realize this within themselves. We volunteer our time and energies to help nourish the esteem of girls in our community and support and partner with other organizations who objective is to help empower women and youth. Our initiative allows girls to tap into their creative spirits and feel open about expressing themselves in their own individual ways. We open them up to the creative world of diversity, through different genres of music, song, dance, poetry, performing arts, creative writing, drama, art, photography, videography and other artistic avenues. We also show them the importance of sisterhood, making friends, learning about other ways of living, culture and supporting each other and taking part in their community. We empowering them to be ambassadors of change by letting them know they are able to do this in so many ways, especially ways they create themselves. THE IMPACT The media is a large part of our youths lives, especially now a days. And with all they are being fed through television and radio, they need to be given the chance to be their own stars in a positive light and be the ambassadors of change through creative means; helping to inspire and empower girls through music and media of they're own. We want them to be able to figure out what is really real and be allowed the chance to voice their concerns, thoughts and ideas. These are important times for youth especially girls and I know that what I'm doing can have a huge impact and be really fun and different. I want all girls, especially our inner city girls to know that they can make a difference, they are creatively inspiring and that they are important and that they're voices, thoughts, opinions, concerns, goals & dreams should be heard...out loud... in whatever creative form they choose. It's time to stop telling our youth especially our females, that they aren't good enough, don't look good enough and don't have much to say. We have to realize that we have girls as young as grade 1 who are bullying, look at their bodies in ways that are years ahead of their time and girls who have lost their sense of imagination, dreaming, reaching for the stars and thinking big because and media tells them they can't achieve such things. WAYS YOU CAN HELP If you believe, support, understand or identify with anything you have read above please share this campaign with your co-workers, family, friends even strangers and get them to do the same. The more people that know about what we are doing the more we will be able to reach our goal and continue to provide creative outlets for girls. Also, if you have other ways you'd like to contribute please contact us. Many hands together, has a very powerful impact and that is what we want for girls everywhere. There are many share tools as well. You can help spread the word through one-click integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. You can embed our code on your blog, website etc, customize emails with our link. The people we reach the better our chances are of reaching our goal and beyond!! THANK YOU! PEACE! ~ Queen Cee - Founder and Director of BE-You-tiful Girls Club & When Sistahs Get Together We are requesting funding to help enable us to afford the materials, tools, equipment, venues, speakers, trips, activity and workshop programming, our annual Be-You-tiful Girls Day, and to make our campaign become an annual event so we can continue to showcase the great works and efforts of girls in our schools and communities and in our homes in a way that makes them feel important and that they are worthy of such great things too, not just adults.