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Helping Along The Human - Animal Bond

ACF10993 Senior Animals In Need Today Society Mission, B.C.

Created September 26, 2011 by Sheila Kullar


Mission, B.C.

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Fewer than 100


**BACKGROUND** We are an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals that have nowhere else to go. We provide a special place to be loved, cherished, and receive proper medical care for the rest of their days. All animals deserve to have hope for a better tomorrow. SAINTS was started in December 2004 after volunteers at other animal shelters saw many senior animals spending their last days in a shelter or pound. From the time we opened our doors, the number of animals in need has been astounding and ever-growing. When SAINTS moved into it's first location it started with 16 cats, 12 dogs and 2 rabbits. SAINTS has since found it's permanent home on 3 beautiful acres in Mission, BC with a warm and cozy home, a sturdy and well constructed barn, a multi purpose room for the volunteers and storage space, a medical room with isolation kennels, an isolated room for cats with FELV, and a bunny cottage, plus fields to play in and a pond to swim in... we have found a little bit of heaven on earth for our very special friends. Since December 2004, SAINTS has had over 410 animals come in through it's doors. Over 130 have been adopted into wonderful loving homes. 156 have passed away in loving care at SAINTS and the remaining 121 still call SAINTS their home. Please visit our website ---------- **OUR IDEA** At the end of the road for most human family devastations, losses, traumas...sits alone the family pet. There are human services available to care for their humans, there are available options and choices that include and meet the needs the people but exclude the animal members of the family. When a senior citizen passes away or goes into facility care, they want to know that their loyal and loving 15 year companion will be well cared for without them. When a family looses their jobs and are facing eviction, they need to find a safe and appropirate place for that animal that they care for deeply so they can move on to whatever awaits them next. When the world of a substance abuser or a mental health patient hits a brick and unforgiving wall, they need to know that the animal who has stood by them through out all of their fear and their pain will be safe from harm. **Animal rescue is not just about rescuing animals, it is about giving peace of mind to people who truly love and care for their pets but are no longer able to look after them. Sometimes these animals were the only family members, the only constant friends in otherwise lonely and barren lives.** SAINTS recognises and respects the deep animal and human bond that can form and can be broken because life just become too incredibly hard. The AVIVA grant will allow SAINTS the funds to help care for these animals left alone at the end of human loss and suffering. They once had a family that loved them, and maybe they can have that again. Their families have not forgotten them, they pray they are safe and well cared for. Hopefully we can be there for them. **HOW THE GRANT WILL AID US** The Aviva grant will allow us to care for the medical needs of those animals that come from homes that are broken because issues such as hording, substance abuse, inability to look after the medical needs of a pet comapnions, and medical and or mental issues of the pet guardian.