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Rescue Horses, & Empower Youth: Inspiring Positive Potential!

ACF10960 Earth Spirit Horse Rescue Inc Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Created September 26, 2011 by Christy Clarke


Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


**The Problem:** Horses are the 3rd most abused & neglected animals in Canada, and our province has no official shelter dedicated to helping them. SPCAs only have shelters for small animals, and thousands of horses in our province are left suffering, without hope. "I am Lucky. I am every horse that ever brought a smile to your face. I took pride in bringing you happiness. I carried you through lush green pastures and over the rocky hills. I was your confidante and sometimes your shoulder to cry on. I never judged you and was always excited to see you. We were partners in crime…an adventure seeking duo. I was once your dream come true. I don’t feel so lucky any more. Now I carry the weight of this flawed world on my back… the price of which will be paid with my life. I am afraid and alone, sentenced to innocently die a savage death at the hands God entrusted me with. I gave you my best years and now I’ve been given to a slaughterhouse. Memories of times we shared help get me through the sorrow filled nights while I wait, beaten and broken, for my turn to die. Where once was your tears, is now my blood. I remember your smile. I can still feel your arms around me. I long for more adventures. I wish things were different. The end is near. They are coming for me now. I miss you, my friend. I never stopped loving you. Farewell." **Who We Are:** Earth Spirit Horse Rescue (ESHR) is a brand new non-profit organization dedicated to rescue & rehabilitation of abused/neglected horses. We have 130 acres of land in southern New Brunswick, but we need facilities to enable us to begin our operation. SPCAs are ill-equipped to shelter horses and thousands are slaughtered annually for foreign cuisine. Help us create an entirely new rescue, to positively impact the lives of so many whose suffering goes unnoticed in our community. Horse Rescue + Youth Empowerment = **Massive Positive Change, Province-Wide** **Youth Programs:** ESHR will also offer incredible opportunities to youth, providing unique and life-changing Suicide-Prevention & Youth-Empowerment Camps with our rescue horses! The results of our Pilot Program have proven to be powerful and long-lasting. Youth learn about respect, emotional intelligence & compassion; develop self-confidence & communication skills; and learn how to set & respect healthy boundaries. Part of awarded funding will establish a “Horse Wisdom” Scholarship Fund, enabling youth from all backgrounds, around our province, equal opportunity to participate in these life-changing experiences! We’ll bring youth together with horses, healing hearts & inspiring potential. It's a big vision, and one that will change & save thousands of lives as it is realized! Funding Breakdown: $50,000 – Stable $15,000 – Tractor $30,000 – Pasture Weather Shelters $5,000 – First Aid & Supplies $50,000 – Horse Wisdom Scholarship Fund Winning the Aviva Community Fund Grant will inspire positive change across our entire province, enabling us to build new facilities that will last for decades and impact thousands of lives. Our operation is about fostering lasting change in the world, caring and speaking for animals that cannot speak for themselves. “My name is KC & I am a rescue-horse. I was born at a children’s camp, & dreamed of growing up to be a friend to children and families who would visit me. I was determined to grow big & strong, and keep every secret and sorrow sobbed into my mane. I wanted to carry people on my back, so they could fly without wings! But instead, I was sent to people who didn’t understand horses. I was scared, and they beat me and starved me because of it. Through the iron bars in my tiny, cold, dark stall they stabbed me with a pitch fork again and again. I don’t know what I did wrong, I don’t know why they were so cruel. I ached, pieces of muscle tissue had permanently been ripped from my body, and I was all alone, surrounded with nothing but urine and manure. I prayed that someone would rescue me, but there are no horse-rescues where I’m from, and SPCAs are only designed to help small animals… After almost a year of this torture & solitude, I collapsed in terror when a young girl entered my stall. She was there to rescue me, but I did not know it yet. People kept telling my girl I was crazy & my wounds too ugly to waste time trying to help me. But, she never gave up on me, & slowly I remembered how to trust again. She taught me how to love after my heart and soul felt broken beyond repair. My story has a happy ending, but hundreds of thousands of horses are not so lucky. So, my girl & I are trying to make a difference. I know what it means to suffer, and I want to help rescue others from their suffering. I inspired the creation of Earth Spirit Horse Rescue with Suicide Prevention & Empowerment camps for at-risk Youth so we can help other horses escape nightmare realities, and give youth hope and inspiration for positive change. **Will you vote for me?**