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26-year-old Dad Died Too Young - PARALYZING POVERTY - ALS ONT

ACF7768 ALS ONTARIO 3100 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Created October 15, 2010 by ALS ONTARIO


3100 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Durwin Cadeau had a new baby and his life ahead of him. He was an outgoing young man who always looked for the good in people. Then he died from ALS at the age of 26. Unfortunately Durwin was not the only person in the Cadeau family to be affected by this disease. The Cadeau’s have the familial form of ALS and have had numerous family members diagnosed with the illness. Durwin’s sister, Dominique, now her brother’s age when he died from ALS, worries she too may have ALS but has decided against testing. She is trying to follow her brother’s example of living life to its fullest. “Durwin wouldn’t want us all to be scared and sad and live with this black cloud over our heads thinking that we, our siblings or children could be next,” said Dominique. “I want to raise awareness and as much money for services and research as possible. We cannot lose another family member to this horrible disease.” Brutal and indiscriminate, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive, irreversible disease of the nervous system that causes paralysis and eventually leads to death. **ALS is the most common cause of neurological death in Canada.** Recently, there have been teenagers diagnosed in Canada and the USA. There is no known cause, cure or treatment for ALS. **Every day two to three Canadians are diagnosed with ALS and two to three Canadians die from this disease daily.** •Eighty percent of those diagnosed die within two to five years of diagnosis. •**One third of those diagnosed with ALS are under the age of 45**. Many of those families have children. •In Ontario, ALS Ontario supports approximately 1,000 families living with ALS through its equipment and support services programs. •ALS families have come to rely on the support provided by ALS Ontario – but we need help meeting increasing demands. **ALS devastates families – physically, emotionally and financially**. As the disease runs its course, families watch their loved ones lose all voluntary muscle control, including the ability to speak and to move. **Spouses, parents and children become primary caregivers, 7 days per week 24 hours per day, helping the family members with the activities of daily living and routine tasks that you and I take for granted.** The loss of two incomes is common when a family member has ALS. •Without the support of ALS Ontario, it would cost a family more than $145,000 to purchase the equipment necessary to have the person remain at home during the course of the disease. •This doesn’t include the cost of drugs, vitamins, food supplements and other costs associated with ALS. Drugs alone can cost up to $1,000 per month. •The cost of home renovations and vehicle modifications will run into the tens of thousands of dollars. •And at the end of all this, the loved one is taken from the family, often leaving children without a parent. **40% of ALS FAMILIES LIVE IN POVERTY - they didn't start out living in poverty - ALS put them there!** ****TOGETHER WE CAN PARALYZE THE POVERTY!** Our mission is to alleviate the financial burden, to provide the best possible quality of life and to provide dignity and choice. Our project: PROVIDE 100% FUNDING TO ALS Ontario CLIENTS LIVING IN POVERTY •provide for current equipment needs •plan for expansion of the equipment program, including new types of equipment to meet a broader range of requirements •provide for an Emergency Family Care Fund •provide for an ALS Children's Scholarship Fund