Category 1: Community Resilience

Environment, climate, disaster relief and prevention

We’re in the insurance business, so we know a thing or two about weather, environment and climate-related crises.

It may not be possible to prevent disasters from happening altogether, but we can do our part to help cope with the aftermath, and protect and enhance our environmental landscape.

This category is for all the “green” ideas that could help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Your idea must meet at least one of the following criteria*:

  • Reduce the risks of climate change and protect people and property from increasingly volatile and extreme weather
  • Protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, for now and the future
  • Promote renewable energy, resources, recycling and sustainability
  • Minimize environmental impacts with respect to energy, water, waste, paper consumption, communication and travel
  • Protect wildlife habitats from development, deforestation, pollution and climate change

Here are some projects to get your ideas flowing:

  • Build a community garden
  • Create or support a pollution prevention initiative
  • Support a program that protects fresh water/rivers/coastal watersheds
  • Develop a plan that promotes environmental initiatives
  • Protect green spaces (forests, parks, natural environment, greenbelt areas) and blue spaces (rivers, creeks, watersheds, lakes, oceans, lagoons)
  • Create or enhance pedestrian and cycle-friendly transportation options

Category 2: Community Health

Health, sport, active living and play

An active community is a healthy community.

Important community landmarks such as parks, sports fields and playgrounds make it easier for adults and children alike to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

This category is for all the fantastic ideas that support health and well-being in your community.

Your idea must meet at least one of the following criteria*:

  • Promote healthy living through sports or activities
  • Provide improved access to communities in need of additional healthcare options or equipment
  • Help people affected by major health / medical-related issues that also relate to the long-term well-being of the public

Here are some projects to get your ideas flowing:

  • Enhance facilities like aquatics centres, splash pads, soccer fields, football fields, public parks, hockey arenas, basketball courts, bike, skate or track-and-field, playgrounds, etc.
  • Support non-profit organizations that help train and develop athletes
  • Develop a  sports or summer camp program for those who couldn’t afford it otherwise
  • Enhance fundraising efforts to buy new equipment for hospitals or improve treatment services and facilities

Category 3: Community Development

Education, skills training, culture, research and basic needs

A strong and empowered community starts with its individuals.

Programs that help provide skills training and basic needs ensure no one gets left behind. Every community needs spaces to develop culture through art, music and drama. And medical and health-related research ensures a healthy future for all community members.

This category is for ideas that help educate, reduce poverty, infuse culture and support important research for the betterment of individuals and the community.

Your idea must meet at least one of the following criteria*:

  • Promote or support skills training that provides positive change and a pathway to a better future through education
  • Promote culture, literacy, new technology, creativity and innovative research 
  • Serve marginalized populations, including low-income, newcomer, the homeless and/or those in need of transitional housing
  • Provide counseling or mental health services

Here are some projects to get your ideas flowing:

  • Support programs that provide tutoring, mentorship, literacy education, employment readiness, music, drama or arts
  • Support charities, foundations and hospitals conducting research on health, medical, climate, conservation, environmental or science and technology innovation
  • Help social assistance programs, drop-in centres, food banks or awareness programs focused on hunger or poverty reduction
  • Fund art, music, museums, community centres, historic landmarks and conservation efforts

*Please see the terms and conditions (PDF 292KB) for complete guidelines and eligibility requirements.