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The 2014 Aviva Community Fund is complete.

Congratulations to all our Winners. See Winners

Selecting Grand Prize Winners

Make the finals and your idea will receive a minimum of $5,000*. Then, our judges will determine the Grand Prize winners.

Our judges will select the Grand Prize winners by:

1. Scoring

Judges will score each of the 40 finalist ideas using a specific set of weighted criteria, including those listed below.

2. Ranking

Each finalist idea will be ranked from 1-20 based on score in the funding level they are competing in.

3. Funding

The Aviva Community Fund will fund at least one idea from each funding level, starting with the ideas ranked highest by the judges. We will continue funding ideas until all $1,000,000 has been allocated.

4. Special Grand Prize

Up to $100,000 will be reserved for the Broker Supported Grand Prize.

5. Selecting Wildcard Winners

This year, 20 ideas from each Qualifying Round will also receive a $1,000 Wildcard prize. That’s a total of 60 more ideas that will receive money to help support their communities - and it’s simple to do, too. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit and promote your idea.

  2. Once your idea reaches 1,000 votes, your idea will automatically be entered into a wildcard draw to win one of the $1,000 prizes. This is regardless of idea intent, logistics, and scope, so votes are all you’ll need.

  3. Twenty ideas will be randomly selected from each Qualifying Round to receive $1,000 for their associated charity.

* The Wildcard winners will be announced on January 20, 2015.

Scoring Criteria

The judging panel will evaluate the 40 finalist ideas based on these criteria:

Impact (25%)

How deeply are people affected by this idea, and how urgent is the need? How many people will this idea benefit, and will it be compelling to a broad audience?

Likelihood of Success (15%)

How likely is this idea to be successfully executed in the short term?

Longevity and Sustainability (30%)

How long will the idea affect the community? Will it require regular funding beyond the initial request? If so, is there a plan to obtain additional funding?

Originality (5%)

How original is the idea?

Submission Quality (10%)

How much effort went into this entry? Was it well thought out and clearly explained?

Votes (15%)

What was the idea’s ranking in votes in its category and overall competition entering the Judging phase?

Category Leadership (5% bonus)

The 10 finalist ideas that advance as Category Leaders (1 small and 1 large idea in each category) will receive a 5% bonus in the judging phase.

See Terms & Conditions for details