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The 2014 Aviva Community Fund is complete.

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Find out if your idea is right for the Aviva Community Fund competition by asking these key questions:

Is it action-oriented?

The idea will "create," "make," "change," "purchase," or otherwise be intended for the greater good of the community. Stand-alone projects have a better chance of funding than those that will require annual funding.

Is it well budgeted?

Your idea can be fulfilled with a reasonable portion of the Aviva Community Fund, which totals $1,000,000. We will fund ideas from two funding levels: up to $50,000 and from $50,000 to $100,000.

Is it going to be well underway by 2015?

Your idea should be completed or well underway before December 31, 2015. While we support ongoing programs, preference will be given to stand-alone projects that have defined funding needs within the year.

Will it benefit many?

The outcomes of your idea should support many people in a community. Remember, impact is an important part of the Scoring Criteria that the judges use to evaluate ideas. All ideas must be associated with a registered charity.

Is it Canadian?

We will only fund ideas that are going to be implemented within communities in Canada.

Full Idea Eligibility Criteria

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Any Canadian citizen or resident who meets the eligibility criteria can participate in the Aviva Community Fund competition. It's open to both Aviva customers and non-customers, and there is no purchase necessary to participate.

Ideas submitted as part of a team effort belong to the email address registered on the website, and all participant agreements and relationships must be managed outside of the Aviva Community Fund competition program.

Full Idea Eligibility Criteria

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