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Charity CHAMPS - Spread the spirit of giving!

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    Kevin Wong


    Charity CHAMPS


    Toronto, ON, Canada

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    October 27, 2009

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Charity CHAMPS is building a web community that acts like a loyalty program to develop socially responsible attitudes in youth through microphilanthropy. Like an Air Miles card that gets people in the habit of buying certain services or products by rewarding them, the Charity CHAMPS site will get youth in the habit of doing good--in essence becoming loyal to social responsibility!


Empowering Youth

We believe good kids grow up to be good adults. The only way that we can solve the world’s increasingly challenging problems is if every generation grows up more socially responsible than the last. The Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering, and Participating (CSVP) from Statistics Canada found clear connections between early life experiences and the rate of donating in later life--those who were involved with community activities as youth donated more than their peers as adults.

However while youth are not nearly as engaged as they could be in social good. The study also found that youth get involved in philanthropy less than other age groups. Not only that, but youth (particularly 15 to 19 year olds), are more likely than other age groups to not volunteer because they were not asked, or because they don’t know how to become involved.


Microphilanthropy makes social good more accessible, empowering, and increases involvement. Also, because youth spend a significant amount of time developing and learning online today, this is an ideal mechanism to develop healthy, socially responsible attitudes in today's youth. Three videos below elaborate on microphilanthropy, the impact of social media, and the importance of online activities in youth development.


Charity CHAMPS will be a web community that encourages youth to get involved in online microphilanthropy. Charity CHAMPS members will be given points for good deeds done at one of the many microphilanthropy sites such as www.helpfromhome.com, www.care2.com, or www.freerice.com. These points will be convertible to rewards, so that doing good becomes habit forming as well as rewarding. See the attached diagram called "How Actions Become Rewards" for a depiction of this.

The rewards will be tailored to fit into the online world that youths already enjoy, where online games and role-play are popular. The video attached illustrates how the rewards would be used. As the youth develop their character's online profile of good accomplishments, they will be able to share them through other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and potentially other virtual worlds like that available through the Nintendo Wii. This fun, sharing and socializing activity will further encourage involvement in microphilanthropy amongst peers, and repeat behaviour.

Thus the web community at www.charitychamps.org will create, grow, and inspire a community of ordinary people who, by contributing small actions together, achieve large charitable goals. By empowering youth to be more engaged in socially responsible activities, we will play an important role in developing a generation motivated to tackle the world’s growing challenges.


The ideal Charity CHAMPS member is between 13 and 25 years of age. Our goal is to engage 300,000 youth in this age group from across Canada. To put this in perspective, this is only 5% of the 6 million users in this age group in Canada that Facebook alone reported in 2008. Now assuming that members make only 10 actions a year, Charity CHAMPS will be responsible for roughly 3,000,000 empowering actions of philanthropy every year once fully operational and promoted.


The costs of launching, maintaining, and promoting a website are very low relative to capital or service-based projects. Charity CHAMPS is a volunteer-run organization, with a background in web-application design and Internet marketing, and have held leadership roles on several other for-profit and non-profit organizations. All costs beyond initial launch will be funded through revenue streams such as advertising, consulting, and partnerships.

The following budget breaks down the high level tasks required to launch the site, and the estimated costs of performing them based on past experience with consultants, some outsourced:

Visual Design 40 hrs professional at $60/hr = $2,400

40 hrs existing volunteer

Interaction Design

80 hrs existing volunteer

Illustration Male and female characters = Already paid for

Secret additional character = Existing Volunteer

Software Development

60 hours of core local development @ $100/hr = $6000

60 hours of outsourced development @ $20/hr = $1200

Marketing and Promotion

Social media advertising = $100

Public Relations

Partnerships (eg. SkyRocketKids, Social Actions, Better The World, etc.)

School presentations

Total $9700

ORIGINALITY See quotes below. People say it's very innovati