Lougheed School Indoor Garden

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    Gillian Goheen=Smith


    Lougheed School



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    November 24, 2012


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We are a small rural Alberta school with a unique set of circumstances. Half of our population is made up of new immigrant Mennonite families from Mexico, resulting in nearly half our school also having english as a second language.
The challenge we face is to teach the standard curriculum in an all encompassing way to make it relevant to each student. Furthermore we need to be creative in offering a way to allow all students a chance at experiential learning, espeically since there is such a gap in our ability to communicate through standard means.
Farming and food production is at the heart of the Mennonite way of life. It is also at the heart of the average rural Alberta family.
We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to convert some unused space in our school into an indoor hydroponic vegetable garden, where we can grow, eat and sell our own food. Students will have the opportunity to work with University of Alberta grad students who specialize in the area of food production, and be able to translate what we learn together by growing food in this manner to a global scale. Furthermore, through manipulating variables and running different experiments we will cover many learning objectives that span the entire K-12 Alberta curriculum in a way that is relavent to each and every student in our school. .
Our community as a whole has been wanting to do a community garden for a long time, but with the growing season so short it would not be any benefit to the students. By having an indoor, hydroponic garden we could operate year round.
With the funds we would receive we would upgrade our electrical system in two unsued attached portables to be able to meet the power requirements for our garden. We would purchase the lighting and watering systems and all other materials associated with this project.