Assisting the street people get off the streets...

  • Submitted by:

    Gloria Smith


    La Ronge Group #1


    La Ronge, Sk.

  • Idea Created:

    November 24, 2012


    $100k - 150k (< 2014)


We like many communities have street people.  If chosen we (our group) would help the street people get off the streets by spending time with the, feeding them, listening to their stories about why they are on the streets.  With the monies, we would renovate an existing building in our town and provide shelter for these people during the coldest winter months. (Only in the evening...) When the people are in the shelters we would provide hot beverages, a bedtime snack and possibly a counselor to assist them little by little to help get their lives back on track.  During the day at the shelter - the people can come in for more "one on one" counseling.  Many of the street people have mental illnesses, have suffered through trauma, sexual, mental, verbal, abuses.  What I believe they need is a safe haven where they can get back on their feet, to "restart" the journey they are meant to be on.  Our group will be a tool for them to "restart" their journey.  We already have our group in place.  I look forward to your response:)  Our group will do great things if we are chosen!