Children &Youth Cross Cultural Ski Program

  • Submitted by:

    Jacklyn Thomas


    Artists to Artists Foundation


    Metro Toronto

  • Idea Created:

    November 23, 2012


    $50k - $100k (< 2014)


This program offers great opportunities for children and youth from across cultures to explore and discover this great Canadian sport.  Ski is an area of Canadian culture that most children and youth from visible  minority cultures are not part of.  This program provides the opportunity for all children and youth regardless of racial or cultural background to come together.  Children and youth will learn:
independence, team spirit and discover a great Canadian past time.  The ski industry is a great place for youth who are looking to discover new areas of work.  It will build independence and provide children and youth with a vehicle to channel their energies.  I visualize a beautiful rainbow of children and youth from all cultures gliding on the ski slopes.  It will demonstrate the great Canadian Mosaic as well as serve as a building block for other programs.