All Charity Festival

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    Ruby Anyumba


    All Charity Festival


    Calgary, Alberta T2K5C4

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    November 20, 2012



All charity festival is a common-place where all charities/NGO’s come together to show case their work in public. The festival is a charitable moment to connect, network and give back to your favorite cause and at the same time gather together and celebrate with great supporting artists, comedians and public speakers who have taken humanitarian work close to their hearts.
Due to the growing number of charities around the world, the public is overwhelmed about which charities to support. All Charity Festival was created with the purpose of bringing all charities together under one umbrella . This will enable people to ask questions, connect with their favorite charity, commit, donate and serve. 

Our mission is to increase publicity and solidify recognition for none-profit/charity organizations. We are passionate in creating and nurturing a winning network with none-profit/charitable organizations while maximizing a mutual, enduring and valuable relationship with the public.

Our goal is to allow the public to engage in a one-on-one conversation with charitable organizations so that they can have a greater awareness and understanding about none-profit/Charities’ mission and purpose and form a loyal and lasting bond with their chosen charitable cause.