Flying Wild Rainbow Creations - Art Therapy

  • Submitted by:

    Kimberly-Ann Vachon


    Timmins, Ontario, Canada

  • Idea Created:

    November 19, 2012


    Medium ($50K - 100K)


I want to offer to the world how to see through art differently than just as it is. I would like everyone to be able to express how they feel emtionally and put it onto their art work and help them relieve  from any kind of stress, pain, illness, cancer.... So I offer classes to learn how to do so and a program to just freely do so with other artists! Everyone is an artist!

The programs are :
    Parents and baby/toddler , 0-4 years old , and it is a bonding moment for both as well as mobility lessons for the child.
    Kid's Creations (4-7)(8-11)(12-15), Creating arts and craft, learning how to use tools and just let the child's mind go creative!
    Teen's Creations (16-17), we begin teaching them the value of art, the therapy and how to flow their emotions.
    Adult beginner's : class for those who wants to learn just techniques and concept of art.
    Adult advance : class for those who want to learn more techniques and how to do therapy art, how to flow their emotions from deep within to their medium.
    Freedom Express (adults and mature teens): A program for artists to get together, do arts together and some group art therapy. Some tend to feel lonely, some needs ideas, some needs communication....

So if we could support this, It would be nice to open up a larger area, provide these services around town yet have a main location to do these art projects, fundraisings for relay for life, breast cancer and for shelters that we need in our local area.

Thank you!