Home James Program - Chatham-Kent

  • Submitted by:

    Jodie Hogg - Program Coordinator


    Community Designated Drivers Association - Chatham-Kent


    Chatham-Kent, ON

  • Idea Created:

    November 14, 2012


    Small (up to $50K)


The "Home James" program is a non-profit program run by volunteers in the community to give residents an alternative to impaired driving.  Home James will offer the residents of Chatham-Kent a non-judgemental, confidential Designated Driver service through the Holiday Season.

Teams of 3 volunteers attend at a client's location and drive them home in their vehicle for free.  Any donations received by the teams are then donated to selected Youth Groups within the community.

The objectives of Home James are to operate and deliver, A pro-active alternative to driving while intoxicated, A locally relevant program to service our unique geographic population and community needs, Year round awareness of the consequences and alternatives to impaired driving, Participate in public awareness campaigns at community events, and Mentorship and assistance to other communities interested in starting Designated Driver Programs

Last year during the holiday season we offered 1051 rides home travelling over 28,000 km’s and raising more than $13,000 for local youth charities!  This year we have started the program under the "Home James" brand in order to expand to participate in large community functions throughout the year.

The Home James Program has the support of both the Chatham-Kent Police Service and the local detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police.

As we are a non-profit group we rely solely on the sponsorship of local busniesses to provide this program to the community.