Extra Food

  • Submitted by:

    D. Thomas


    Saint John, NB

  • Idea Created:

    November 14, 2012


    Small (up to $50K)


I have visited my local (chain of national) Grocery Stores several times at the late hours of night and found them gleaning all leftover food items in a Garbage Bag! I am totally exasperated by the fact that fresh food (breads, etc.) is thrown in garbage whereas it can easily be donated to the community homes, group homes, salvation army, or people who are tirelessly working to get food for the needy and poor.

I am looking for some support, not financial, but of people who can get together and ask these big stores to not throw away this food. I would like to get a group of people with whom I can work out a plan to get this extra food and donate it to the ones who really need it on a daily basis. 

I am not sure if this plan would strike any chord, but I just wanted to put in my two pennies in. Winters are here and food is most important.