Let's Make ALL Parks in Mississauga Accessible to EVERYONE!

  • Submitted by:

    Sonia Commisso



  • Idea Created:

    October 16, 2012


    Medium ($50K - 100K)


There is only ONE park in Mississauga that is accessible.  However, there are so many children and young at heart adults that LOVE why not make all our parks accessible to everyone of all abilities.

Funding would help turn inaccessible parks into parks that may be accessed by people in wheelchairs, person's with autism, person's with sensory issues, anyone regardless of abilities!  It is a small change but worth all the fun and joy and laughter.

Making Mississauga's parks fully accessible will give children the opportunity to participate at their local parks just like all the other children, making them no different.  We need to help children with disabilities live a fulfilling and joy filled life.  This is a small step and will make so much difference in their lives.

Join me in bring a positive change into Mississauga!  Make Mississauga parks accessible.

Come on, let's all play!!!