Bully Be Gone

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    Kru David Edwards


    Bully Be Gone



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    October 15, 2012


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WHAT is Bully be Gone??? Kru David ask's you to challenge me to take on a global epidemic..

On the mission sided with Anti – Bullying the Director of the mini dragon’s has developed an innovative movement – Bully Be Gone. A movement that presents none profit seminars to the public and soon a global stage to enforce bullying awareness. Bully be Gone addresses all forms of bullying but the focus for this project deals with our community youth. On September 22nd 2012 we launched our inaugural movement. Through our program director’s vision our experts focus on the culture and driving principles of the Mini Dragon and Teen Team program at Kombat Arts, promoting awareness to anti-bullying issue threw Bully Be Gone. The inaugural movement began with a free seminar in the spirit of giving back to the community. The event included a combination of training focusing on tactics and conditioning and discussions with the participants. We included expert presentations, special guest speakers (Alister Overeem, World Champion), raffle prizes (donated from various organizations), a free “Bully Proof” t-shirt and a barbeque.

Through the Bully Be Gone movement we foster an environment where individuals of all ages have a voice and strength to be heard, we also remember those who have taken their own lives due to this epidemic. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and through the training sessions and discussion participants and parents will find value in future Bully Be Gone events.  We hope that the children will relish both the positive experiences of our work and create enjoyable memories and make new friends.

PLEASE! check out "Bully be Gone" on facebook to see the difference!
* CP 24
* Where ever I may serve and spread the service of Bully be Gone to our youth

Future events include Free seminars in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, a FlashMob event in the works and Serving schools anywhere!

The community is my fuel so I may serve

Thank you,
Kru David Edwards
Senior MMA/MUAY Thai Coach