21st Century Learning

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    Nancy Drew


    Ecole McCallum Public School


    4195 Milloy Ave., Windsor

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    November 27, 2011


    Small (up to $50K)


An important aspect of education today is preparing students for a future we cannot yet imagine. We are in the "information age", and students must have 21st century skills when they graduate in order to be global citizens. Equal access to technology as a tool for learning/working is important for all. "Technology" encompasses more than computers - current technology changes constantly, and schools have difficulty keeping up with cuts in funding. At Ecole McCallum Public School, our students will benefit from at least one computer in every classroom, with access to interactive technologies such as SMARTBoards and iPads for learning. Support from the Aviva Community Fund will assist in leveling the playing field for our students in terms of technology access, who come from a wide area of our community, as we are a magnet school for French Immersion.