The JOI Centre

  • Submitted by:

    Lisa Belyea


    Not known yet. Head office will be in Calgary, AB.

  • Idea Created:

    November 26, 2011


    Large ($100K - 150K)


For the creation and establishment of a children's wellness centre in memory of Joilinn Edgar, who was lost to us on November 21, 2009, in a tragic car accident. The JOI Centre is being developed to realize Joilinn's dream of helping children. Joi had been accepted to the University of Calgary to pursue her dream. She planned to focus on child studies and culture and communications, in order to work with children on a world-wide basis. The JOI Centre will be a healing place for children: hospital patients who have finished their treatment cycle, children who have lost family members, and youth in distress. It is not intended to be a medical facility, but rather a retreat; a place to find quiet and company, a place to dance, to laugh, to create, to rest, and to heal in all ways. We hope to make the JOI Centre a working reality by 2014. Please visit, or e-mail I am Joi's Mom.