Youth resources

  • Submitted by:

    Pierre Brunet




    Saint Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada

  • Idea Created:

    November 24, 2011


    Medium ($50K - 100K)


Hello, I just discover your site. We live in an Area of a most beautiful mountain range of the Appalachian Quebec area. We have in our municipality an ex-Military site big enough to do more than we can imagine. We have Bunkers, sub-passage, mountain top, ski hills, lake, reservoire, roads, hiking site and old military building. I would like to summit this idea..........Of a place for youth, children, sick or whell chairs users, a place to enjoy from all seasons a place to come from all area, play, learn, build friendship, healings from LOVE, and more. This place could be help with your support. '' This place is Mount Radar'' Saint Sylvestre, Quebec, you could use me as a joint supporter with the Owner and the Municipality. Pierre Brunet : 418-596-2300 or :