Harbor of Hope

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    The Lighthouse Supported Living


    304 2nd Avenue South, saskatoon, SK>

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    November 14, 2011


    Large ($100K - 150K)


It is the belief of The Lighthouse that it is all of our responsibility to help those in need. For too long woman have been exploited in the sex trade. We have a plan to help these woman find their voice and regain their dignity. The first step is to reach out to them in a non-judgmental way by providing a safe place for them to come and live. With the help of many in our community we will be opening a home for these women. The second step is to assist them in their recovery from a life of addiction and prostitution through a treatment center and programming designed specifically for woman in the sex trade. This process is not a short term solution, it has taken years to develop the issues these women face and we realize it will take years to overcome. So long-term treatment and counseling will be part of this process. the third step in assisting these women is too provide long term housing, viable training and life-skills through schooling and hands on experience in order to help them find and attain legal, viable employment. The program was designed by a former addict and sex trade worker who knows all too well the issues these women face and yet knows there is hope and a way out. She is now an achieved scholar and practiced counselor. The program is a journey with a life changing outcome. Help us take a stand with these vulnerable and exploited woman. Help us help them discover hope, dignity and a voice.